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My entry for *mizzd-stock's Steampunk, Cyborgs and Bionics Contest!

This is by far the most complicated piece I've ever done. I'm not even sure when I started it, it just seems that every day for some time now I keep working and improving it bit by bit (or so I say...) Until today. I used so much stock pictures, I hope I won't forget to credit anyone....

I've obviously went more towards Cyborgs, rather than Steampunk, thought I'm not sure how I got to this particular concept. I think the main influences were `Fredy3D's work (awesome 3D artwork, you must check it out if you don't know what I'm talking about) and Doctor Who (that I've recently become a fan of :D ). The ship is supposed to be named the Blackadder (for no particular reason again, I just like the name), although you can't really see the whole name.

I hope it turned out good, I'm really proud of it, but I'm guessing I'm a bit biased. :lol: I've worked a lot on shadows and reflections on this one, thought I'm sure some of them must be wrong, since I'm never really sure how they're supposed to look. If it looks as if the left arm's parts aren't really going the right way it's not your eyes playing tricks on you... but then, that arm doesn't have to work like any other ordinary human arm would... :P

Download for bigger/clearer picture...

Models: *mizzd-stock [link], [link], [link] & [link]
Model hands, torso and feet: ~Selficide-Stock [link] & [link]
Eyepiece: ~bacodus [link]
Tattoo pattern: ~Lurkily [link]
Tech stuff: `FantasyStock [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link] & [link]
Window view: =Funerium @ =resurgere [link]
Screens: ~Primitus [link], [link] & [link]
Buttons: ~insurrectionx [link]
Surveillance camera: ~ppbb [link]
Pipes: *enframed [link]
Screws & nuts: =hyannah77-stock [link], [link], [link] & [link]
Vent: ~funeralStock [link]
Ventilator: =Della-Stock [link]
Tech background: ~Skyshi [link]
Background template: ~Stratification [link]
Metal textures: ~shadowh3 [link] & ~paraballein @ =resurgere [link]
Circuits texture: ~Staticstock-dot-com [link]
Brushes: *redheadstock
+ personal stock for additional wires & sonic screwdriver :)

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Amazing work! Good luck ;)
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TonyGCampagnaProfessional General Artist
This is just too much fun. :D Best luck!
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Thanks! And trust me, making it was a lot of fun, too! :lol:
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Haha I love the concept :clap:
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Thanks! :lol:
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Fabulous job! :+fav: Thanks for using my stock!
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well, wow
nice work :)
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