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A fluffy, devilish doughnut!
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This is great *.*! 
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Wow, this is incredible! Very impressive!
PapierowySzczur's avatar
Precious... bigger precious!
DarthBloodOrange's avatar
Wow this is amazing 
RekishiHatake's avatar
JenniferCocoaFulk's avatar
Frodo's "precious" just got way harder to go throw into the fire.
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That's brilliant.  XD
Invisability's avatar
Now that evil blasted ring looks cute!
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One Pillow to rule them all, One pillow to find them; One pillow to bring them all

and in the darkness bind them.
PapiTrooper's avatar
Wonderful idea and realisation !! Many congrats !!
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this is awesome and at thwe same time reminds me of donuts.  why am I hungry at 2 in the morning...... Awesome work nonetheless 
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freaking awesome. :) 
Noemie-in-Art's avatar
I wonder what kind of finger would fit this :p
Make a soft pillow hand!
Barbarian-J's avatar
I said it before and I'll say it again. This ROCKS!
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I needs it, I wants it, my PRECIOUS!
TheGentlemanCupcake's avatar
one pillow to rule them all! XD
EatenRibs's avatar
awwwwwwwww XDDDD lovable!!!!
ty 4 the fave BTW
Sugary-Stardust's avatar
This is cool and really impressive. O_O
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This is so cool!!
KreepingSpawn's avatar
Very professional.  ;)
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