Cleaned gallery and an apology

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Deviation Actions

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I have removed, to the best of my abilities, any and all deviations that could, by any person, be regarded as racially insensitive, discriminating or otherwise harmful in any other form or way.

I apologize to all whom I might have harmed or offended.
All I can say is that my only goal always has been, and always will be creative at heart. I have no other meaning or agenda behind any of my work, other then to try to recreate the awesome characters of Connor and Aveline to the best of my abilities.

I would like to add that I cannot be held accountable for the publication or distribution of any and all other photo material of me and my wife that could also be regarded as racially insensitive, discriminating or otherwise harmful in any other form or way.

Furthermore I would like to say that anytime in the future I will be wearing Connor, I will not be using make-up that changes my skin color. I used to use a much darker foundation, then the tone of my own skin.

I will still however, use make-up to create shadow effects around my eyes, cheek bones and other regions that I feel should be highlighted. This in addition to a foundation closer to my own skin color. Also, I will  be using color lenses to change the color of my iris. This might be total black irises, or dark brown irises.

Another thing is the skin color of my wife. I found she was being called racially insensitive aswell on the internet. This can be said about me. But when I talked about changing the make-up to more natural matching colors she got angry and burst into tears. She IS NOT going to change her skin-tone for anyone and she hasn't done that for the Aveline make-up job either. My wife is of mixed heratige and she's proud of it.

Yes we used darker make-up for my wife, as that is closer to her natural skin color. This we will keep doing.
For me as Connor, we used make-up much darker to change the tone of my skin. This we wil stop doing.

Again, my apologies to anyone I might have unwillingly offended.
I will post pictures of a new make-up job soon, hopefully not racially insensitive to anyone.

Best to you all!!
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GaleonaPyro's avatar
D: ....
I Love Your Wife's And Your Cosplays So Much....
I Didn't Think You Guys Were Facing Such Things. :(

The Way I See It, True Cosplayers Would Want To Look 100% Like The Characters.

I'm So Sad That People Would Mistook This For Being Racist.
Some Gamers Are Bound By The Rule To Get 100% In Achievements For This Game.
I Believe You And Your Wife Are Just Doing That.
Trying Your Very Best To Look Completely Like Them.

:'( My Heart Broke A Little Knowing Your Wife Burst Into Tears For All This.

Love Your Cosplay.
Keep To The Shadows :)
And of course, Safety and peace to you :D