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I was able to show it all in front of the T bar in Hillcrest, still processing the experience.  Stayed to 10:30, True stayed longer, he is a champion.  I think that bargain bins are called for.  I could do an extension of the trash series and have the 99 cent bin. A more compelling interactive piece is needed.  Protection from the evening damp would be good.  Art cards need to be framed or available for swapping.  Couple of cool interactions, one couple came by twice... One did a quick scan and told the other 'you are not interested in any of this.'  The other starts looking immediately and I tell her 'you can any one piece free. She took a good one I had created for the postcard show.  Very satisfying for both of us.  Another person apologized extensively for bargaining me down to 20.00 dollars for a piece she loved, felt she was being insulting...didn't buy the piece.  I tried to console her.  Try again next Thursday, see what happens.  Brought my camera to this event:
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Submitted on
January 22, 2016