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I have moved most of my images for sale to While I enjoy DA very much and have participated, I have not had a return on investment.  I will stay on for the other artists I have come to appreciate here, the ability to print magnets, etc.  I would also like to keep engaged with this site in case they ever come up with a formula to reimburse artists.  One idea that I find compelling is to charge for likes.  For a while I have been paying artist with DA bucks each time I liked one of their images.  I think this should be part of the process when a person clicks on likes an image then a screen pops up asking what the collector wishes to donate to the artist, or accesses a minimum charge.  People who collect images can then contribute to the artist's effort.  Collectors could even earn a new type of badge...  I recommend that DA do something like this and make the DA Bucks convertible to cash (20%DA,80%Artist) or benefits based on what the artist desires and if they meet all the requirements for a cash disbursement.
Here are some of those other artists I love:

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Hanging On by Tahiyd
  One Way Or Another by kaspired  Image by dasTOK <da:thumb id="444655473"/>
Here are a few favorites from other DA artists:

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Jelena by KaJu-MANIA
  Snail Mail by gyaban  dasTOK by dasTOK
Hello, well this doll thing is running full tilt. I have work available at D&H in LA, UU Art Guild in San Diego, Downtown San Diego Bar Basic Pop-Up show hosted by Thumbprint Gallery, and a fun raiser of sorts for Art on 30th in San Diego. Contact me if you would like to go to any of these places and chat. Here is some of the recent work:
 <da:thumb id="647352742"/> <da:thumb id="642333610"/> <da:thumb id="642333555"/> <da:thumb id="642333516"/> <da:thumb id="633380343"/> <da:thumb id="650112640"/> <da:thumb id="650112621"/>

and some of my forites by other artists on DA:
  Refugees by QuilesART <da:thumb id="606809799"/>  Leela kahlo by MartianSauce  .2013. by dasTOK
So the doll thing is kinda fun and I had a good time at GMAG;
<da:thumb id="633380295"/> <da:thumb id="635475701"/> <da:thumb id="633527748"/>

here is a few of my favorites from around DA
Mira Nox by MiraNox  Society and the Unicorn by lora-zombie  Beware of the very angry dog! by chris10belgium
I have the studio, I have the time, you will get the art!
<da:thumb id="622847958"/> <da:thumb id="622847941"/> <da:thumb id="622847931"/>

I noticed other people are already working...
<da:thumb id="521439065"/> 

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Heavy Artillery by offermoord
  Untitled by dasTOK
Alright, ya know I have stopped selling paint and am onto the art kick full time.  Part of this is fixing up the house/studio and making it livable in winter and summer so that Maria, I and Lora can all live and work year round.  Almost there!  In a little bit Maria and I will be taking our big vacation and seeing wonderful things up North.  I had hoped to slip one more show in but ran into a glitch so had to back out (it was graceful with no damage done on either side).  I have developed deep affection for Thumbprint and hope to work with them when I get back.  I would like to have regular drawing/photo sessions at my house.  Working with having an artist (who likes their privacy) become a sort of guest artist at the house.  Should have more work in August and if you want to visit there is always Taco and Tequila Tuesdays...  Here are some of my current Fave's by other artists on DA...

Yes And No by kaspired  .16.01.23. by dasTOK <da:thumb id="603333772"/> 

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Silent conquest by offermoord
  Studio Life (Dyptich)  by monkey-paints68 

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Anna Rose 4 by DavidCraigEllis
 <da:thumb id="568673604"/>  Holding up the Train by hankgross 

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.fairy. by dasTOK
  Bomberman by QuilesART   .dem dasTOK sein Gemuesegarten. by dasTOK
This is happening every Wed night at Panama 66 in Balboa Park, San Diego. These artists are all painting the musicians jamming on stage (occasionally pulling other musicians out of the crowd).  Here is the Facebook link to the event Carlos Castellanos Wed Night Jam Session at Panama 66.  Brian Meyer is promoting the visual art side... 
<da:thumb id="588675001"/> <da:thumb id="588674948"/> <da:thumb id="588674904"/> <da:thumb id="588674869"/>

A few ones I like from other artist on DA...
Drowning in love by lora-zombie  Turanga Leela by Kegg 

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Triangle by rylstone
 <da:thumb id="581036301"/>
Well finally finished these up...  Will be talking about them the second Tuesday of February at First Unitarian, UU Art Guild!
<da:thumb id="588019021"/> <da:thumb id="588018986"/> <da:thumb id="588018944"/>
Thumbprint Gallery is hosting a Dragonball Z art event at Bar Basic in San Diego 1/26/2016, I created 3 little acrylics taken from the opening sequence of season 1. Drop by, here are some of the details:
<da:thumb id="586388733"/> <da:thumb id="586388750"/> <da:thumb id="586388745"/>

Here are few others I found on DA:
Dragon Ball Ponies by Graystripe64  Dragon Ball Z Scouter by ryo007 <da:thumb id="448431631"/>  Kuririn Death - Fan art dragon ball z by JulienLasbleiz
I was able to show it all in front of the T bar in Hillcrest, still processing the experience.  Stayed to 10:30, True stayed longer, he is a champion.  I think that bargain bins are called for.  I could do an extension of the trash series and have the 99 cent bin. A more compelling interactive piece is needed.  Protection from the evening damp would be good.  Art cards need to be framed or available for swapping.  Couple of cool interactions, one couple came by twice... One did a quick scan and told the other 'you are not interested in any of this.'  The other starts looking immediately and I tell her 'you can any one piece free. She took a good one I had created for the postcard show.  Very satisfying for both of us.  Another person apologized extensively for bargaining me down to 20.00 dollars for a piece she loved, felt she was being insulting...didn't buy the piece.  I tried to console her.  Try again next Thursday, see what happens.  Brought my camera to this event:
<da:thumb id="585994141"/> <da:thumb id="585994114"/>
Tonight I will be at the Hillcrest Bazaar (…) showing some art-cards, postcards, some prior work, maybe a small performance piece.  should be fun.  There will be life drawing going on from 5 to 8, and the bazaar runs latter (2 dollar taco's).  If I'm not showing then I misunderstood Johnny... just noticed I am not on the vendor list... well I can always draw... and there will be alcohol!

work available as art cards, postcards and small prints
<da:thumb id="573792681"/> <da:thumb id="571888775"/> <da:thumb id="350933528"/> <da:thumb id="452653358"/> and many more...

treats by other artists on DA:
Drowning in love by lora-zombie 

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The Great Migration of the Dick Fish by JOHNNYFB
 <da:thumb id="568673604"/> 

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Sun Strike by alberich
Have to say that I enjoyed the show, good people, good art, good conversation. Sold 2 "4 x 6" prints and 1 DA Postcard (see below).  Have some left over work but I went to town trying different things and it is good to start building up stock.  The art cards were not displayed (size) but very glad to have some new sets to sell. Here are the first sales of the new year.  Thanks to the people who bought, you are wonderful! Now I just have to do (I just have too) a love poem and piece for the UU Art Guild...
<da:thumb id="571888775"/> <da:thumb id="569610522"/> <da:thumb id="350933528"/>

A nod to the talent here at DA:

Mira Nox by MiraNox  Society and the Unicorn by lora-zombie  The Bride of Fryenstein by kaspired 

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Erotic man by amartinsdebarros
Richard B ChauDavis’s offerings for 'Greetings From Here; Postcard Show Art Exhibition'
Basic Urban Kitchen + Bar
410 10th Ave, San Diego, California 92101

Here it is the day of the show and the varnish is drying.  Pricing is to encourage first time buyers and still provide some good little pieces.  The works are all a little different than displayed.  All printed Archival.  The artist printed everything except the postcards with Epson Hot Press Natural on an Epson P800 printer.  The postcards were printed through which uses top quality archival printing in their photo process. The offerings are ACEO art cards, Digital Prints, Postcards (DA), and mounted and varnished digital prints with borders of acrylic paint (WN), (one of the mounted digital prints is really a new mixed media piece).
ACEO Cards 2.5"x 3.5", with painted borders $3.00           
DA Postcards 4"x 6", 10 glossy, 6 matte $5.00 
Digital Prints 4"x 6", $10.00         
Mounted and varnished Digital Prints painted borders, one mixed media 4"x 6", $25.00
These are the images that will be in the various forms listed above, some altered a bit:
<da:thumb id="571558695"/> <da:thumb id="571888775"/> <da:thumb id="573792681"/> <da:thumb id="569739481"/> <da:thumb id="557168841"/> <da:thumb id="569610522"/> <da:thumb id="452653358"/>

Now when I favorite something on DA or decide to watch someone, I send them a note and give them some points (usually 20).

It's not a lot of money but I think it could help. The artist could pass it on, use it towards prints, frames, etc. For me, cash for viewing my art is a very sincere compliment... and so the money in the game increases (slightly). We really need that to happen and crowd funding can have a lot of permutations... 

Recently I have been wrestling with the 'pay the artist' question. My solution was to self-patronize. There are disadvantages. Over the course of my life less work was produced as I worked full time at another job and supported a family. The scope of my worked narrowed. I am interested in a lot of things but with only have an hour or two a day (occasionally binging) then sex and naked people became the only subject matter I could get to. My work also had to be efficient and able to be done around family. Advent of the computer age has helped. Just had to set things up so the screen was not readily view-able. With those restrictions, I did get a lot done.

So one thing I am doing to shift the dynamic is to get artists used to paying each other (or just asking for money) and deepening the pool of people doing art. I have come to see that doing art is part of being human. Lot of stunted humans out there.

Here are my latest:

<da:thumb id="571888775"/> <da:thumb id="571558695"/> <da:thumb id="573792681"/>

Some work I have seen locally on DA...

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Triangle by rylstone
 <da:thumb id="559057531"/> 

Mature Content

Moro by 3feathers

I tell you it is wonderful living in paradise.  This month I am showing locally, look forward to seeing a show Alex Dawson is in (and some others not showing in DA).  For a friend (CS), I have created a bunch of magnets of piers and beach related items.  They are $13.03 each and a small shipping charge, 3.3" x 4.8".  CS specified no private body parts, so here is a group of images with no (except for one) private body parts.  You can buy one to!  just click on the art gift button after clicking on the image you like.  Start or round out your refrigerator art collection today.  If you have something else in mind just tell me, I can do it!
<da:thumb id="569615953"/> <da:thumb id="568586989"/>  <da:thumb id="569544640"/> <da:thumb id="569004709"/>

<da:thumb id="569321304"/> <da:thumb id="569609642"/> <da:thumb id="568586972"/> <da:thumb id="569610522"/>

Of course there is some cool stuff by other people:
angel overseer by rickster155  .TOK. by dasTOK 

Mature Content

2013.10.23 - 001 by hentai-kitty
 <da:thumb id="521439065"/>
The business of Art is looking up. I put in my first stint as a paid art assistant and have been re-booked ($25 an hour or job quote). Have a lot of skills that make me useful, managed to get the whole photo-shoot loaded up to OneDrive and Deviant Art where the person I was assisting could then work with them... maybe it was just they got to use my camera... or the original site fell through and they used my house as back-up... hmm anyway I can be useful an well worth the 25 and hour... glad the model showed up!

Person asked me for pictures similar to and in the style of one of my past works. Came up with these (all 8 at…):
<da:thumb id="564271604"/> <da:thumb id="564271699"/> <da:thumb id="564271774"/> <da:thumb id="564271583"/>

I am pushing magnets! everybody should have a refrigerator art collection. Selling mine for 19 dollars which gives me 11 dollars to put towards continuing this madness. just click on the art gift button next to image... Zoe

Here are few of my favorites by other artists around DA:
  Image by dasTOK <da:thumb id="554454874"/>  Beware of the very angry dog! by chris10belgium
The official name of my (and various associates) art business/process is ChauDavis (collaborations:collective). Services I offer in collaborations are Photoshop, Lightroom, Social Media, Front-person, Model, Photographer, Performance artist, Multimedia, and to round things off Microsoft Office. If there is anything you are interested in working with me on, get a hold of me. Costs are computed on a complicated formula of personal interest, time involved, type of tedium... better just to ask.  One of several sample blanks from a fun sign re-shoot where we were a little less drunk so everything is in focus this time...
<da:thumb id="554576179"/>

I also have a Show! One day only at Dolphin and Hawk in 7742-M Herschell Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037 858-401-9549. Saturday 8/15/2015. Some work at the show:
<da:thumb id="480744138"/> <da:thumb id="381507964"/> <da:thumb id="407044536"/>

And a few of my favorites by other Deviants...
<da:thumb id="549015815"/> 

Mature Content

Teddy's Turn by lovelizzie

Mature Content

night mare by Der-Chinese
Lot of stuff happening both personal and artistically.   I have a show on the 15th at Dolphin and Hawk in La Jolla, 'Some Sort of XXX' here is the catalog (parent preview or adult).  I need to sum up and maybe even make a few images of a performance piece I did at Art of Pride, Art Begging at Art of Pride,  Personal stuff is sad but not the public sort so we just move on.  The catalog for the show sells for 200 or so dollars but saves a lot of wall space...  Below are some of the originals that will be at the show.  
<da:thumb id="413668331"/> <da:thumb id="381507964"/> <da:thumb id="418348771"/> <da:thumb id="417885196"/>

And then there are these wonderful works by others on DA:

  Phlegm by armene  

Mature Content

Alice by KaJu-MANIA
  cameras by SuzyTheButcher 

Mature Content

Moro by 3feathers
Well, setting up the business, in San Diego.  Will have a short list of things I can be paid to do for mutual satisfaction... Did I say that right?  Anyway I am very excited.  Finished a book (Indesign) titled 'This Amazing Friend' that will only see light if that amazing friend agrees to it.  Pictures in the hopefully upcoming book...
<da:thumb id="544145185"/> <da:thumb id="544146697"/> <da:thumb id="544148528"/> <da:thumb id="544151550"/>

And these are a few my favorite things!!!  By other DA artists:

The Right to Pray - Reverend Clementa Pinckney by brianmeyer  Ten Dollah Leela by kaspired  Image by dasTOK 

Mature Content

Three Graces by Flockhart
Okay it is probably the same old 'old person' memory thing but its hit me hard.  I am thinking about the intersection between personal and professional.  Sort of scrap-booking vs. art.  The lines get blurred when as a young artist one is taking pictures of friends and trying to create art.  Especially when these negatives and proofs are raided by the same artist 30 years latter now equipped with different technology and experience but the same motives...  I created a page Richards Memory on Facebook.  Besides discovering how stunningly beautiful we all were, it has allowed me to reconnect (or at least talk with some very old and very dear friends). One thing I love is scanning the old proof sheet and then not retouching.  Does not seem to work with negatives.  Here are a few examples that are part of another book I am working up:
<da:thumb id="529757443"/> <da:thumb id="530505796"/> 

Here are few of my favorite works by other artists at DA:
Tell Me We Both Met At Dawn by DianneHoffman <da:thumb id="512135334"/>  Image by dasTOK