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sky's the limit

i love this picture :]
i pass the sign every day on my walk home.
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Nice composition and color, interesting subject (20 mph and not the more common 25mph), and lets not forget the wonderful angles.

Nice work.
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Oooh! That's original, really *.*
Fave! :)
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Oh and nice title too!
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Now THIS is my style!
I LOVE simple pictures with few colors!
Im a fan of street sign pictures too!
Extremely good angle, it blows up the sign, makes it look majestic! :P
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Wow, nice shot. Faving....
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beautiful shot :wave:
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You captured perfectly what I have tried to do before. *jealous*

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I just have to :+fav: this one too ! (= great shot!
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this one is really good... love the angle you have choosen:D
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If there was a print of this, i would add it to my wish list.
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aww that's so sweet!
I just enabled it...haha you finally gave me a reason to do it. thanksss :aww:
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Oh man I was doing 50 :shakefist:

Simple pic....too simple for my tastes
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Really great shot :O
I notice a lot of roadway signs, but there can never really be a limit.
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Well that's a slow speed. :) Very cool shot though hehe.
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very nice photo! great angle
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