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Both Sides of the Wall (Reader X SNK Various) 2
After arriving at the headquarters you were placed in the dungeons. Not that you were expecting much. They did promise to take that boy you helped to their infirmary at least.
Now, here you are alone in a dimly lit room with bars in front of it. Strange how these wall people love their prisons so. You were promised by Smith that they would get back to you. That woman Hange was absolutely determined that you were going to stay with her.
You think back a bit on the short time spent with the ones here. You didn’t dislike anyone you met, other than that Levi character and honestly you didn’t know him that well. Maybe he warms up to people over time. Some in your village are that way, cold at first, even cruel until they get to know you.
Your village… home… It is just a small community a few thousand people at best but you all do your best to get by. The mountains on either side had kept the monsters away, sheer cliffs and random drops being the primary reason tit
:iconkrosethomas:krosethomas 58 9
Both Sides of the Wall (Reader X SNK Various) 1
********* I know this isn't cannon, this universe is a parallel dimension to the regular SNK Universe, one that is extremely similar, but has a few changes. YAY alternate timelines! Okay, let's get moving here with the story!************
Who, what are these people? You wonder  watching them swing two and fro on their wires like crazed puppets in the wind.
It wasn't that you hadn't seen this equipment before, in fact you had taught yourself to use it after seeing it on some of the dead. You even learned to repair it, after sneaking into one of the tiny villages of survivors nearby.
The north village mountain village had this kind of gear too and a group that said they were the “new humans.” Those strange people lived the south, closer to the giant walls.
Neither of these groups of people though, they weren't nearly as good with them as these new strangers. They must be from the prison city.
You shivered slightly as your (h/c) Hair was whipped about by the wind.
:iconkrosethomas:krosethomas 87 9
Both Sides of the Wall (ReaderX SNK Various) intro
*** I began writing this story, but I felt a little overview of your past would be nice! Plus, I wanted to say a few things. This story will have a few alternate endings, which you'll find out just before the last chapter (Your choice of ending) I am not going to say who yet. It's a surprise, but I do have some of the "favorite choices" So we'll go with that for the hint!*******
********* I know this isn't cannon, this universe is a parallel dimension to the regular SNK Universe, one that is extremely similar, but has a few changes. YAY alternate timelines! Okay, let's get moving here with the story!************
You look back at your village, your (e/c) eyes trickling at the edges with tears. You aren't ready to leave, you never imagined you would be gone. Who will defend them? Who can stop the monsters from the outside? What about the ones from the Titus your neighboring village?
You will have to trust that your absence will help to maintain the peace between your villages. The
:iconkrosethomas:krosethomas 39 0
Loved Chp.8(AOT FEM!Reader x Various)
You and Connie had hung out a lot recently, pulling all these pranks just for fun. There was the whole whipped cream while sleeping thing. It was hilarious when you dressed up as a chair though, thankful Armin was the one to sit on you and not some pervert. He turned so red so fast, you thought he was going to faint! One prank was a little to far however...
You had the day of learning about titans, and you and Connie wanted to pull a prank on the teacher. He was running late, so you had gotten a bucket of water and put it on the cracked open door. "You know how stupid that is (First), right?" Jean said. "Yes, yes I do." you said smiling. You and Connie then sat down and waited, Connie sat next to Sasha and you sat next to Jean. "Please don't tell on me Jean." you whispered. "Why the hell not? You're the one who is being a dumb ass and pulling a prank on a teacher." he replied.
You looked at him and frowned. The teacher walked in, however it wasn't your tea
:iconladyofthelake5:LadyOfTheLake5 31 42
Loved Chp.7(AOT FEM!Reader x Various)
You had a rough day of studying with your buddy Armin, sleep finally came over you. Waking up to a peaceful day, 'Finally, the day off has arrived.' you thought. You had showered and put on a beautiful dress, it was white with colorful flowers all over it, and it was knee length. All the boys eyes were upon you in your beautiful dress. You had felt nervous, hoping that you wouldn't trip or do something to look stupid in front of them all. That's because you were very clumsy and and had always tripped over something, anything from a rock to even your own foot.
You continued you stroll down a path that led to a forest where you would go to practice using your 3D Maneuver Gear. It was so peaceful and beautiful, making your body relax. "Hey (First)! Wait up!" a familiar voice shouted. It was Eren. "Oh, hey Eren." you said, stopping so he would catch up with you. "Where's Mikasa?" you questioned, looking behind him, waiting for her to appear somewhere. "Oh, I ditche
:iconladyofthelake5:LadyOfTheLake5 17 9
Loved Chp.6(AOT FEM!Reader x Various)
You were in a dream, just walking back from training with Bertholdt, Reiner, and Eren. Thinking of outside the wall being so stunning and beautiful. Bertholdt even promised you that he would go with you for your first time going outside the wall. You even discussed about joining the Survey Corps.
Eren's voice took you out of your trance saying "(First), why are you training?" "Well, it's kind of complicated... I want to be the best and honor my families name, since I'm the last of my family. Haha I even wanna try to repopulate..." you replied, blushing at this. "I'll repopulate with you anytime!" Reiner said laughing, smacking your ass. You just smacked him on the chest saying stop with a red blush. Eren even smiled to himself, "So (first), who would you repopulate with?" he asked as you all had walked to camp.
Connie's POV
I had heard Eren ask (First) "So (first), who would you repopulate with?", I had to know who it was. I snuck in closer to
:iconladyofthelake5:LadyOfTheLake5 15 6
Loved Chp.5(AOT FEM!Reader x Various)
Outside the Walls
(After you had dinner with Connie, Jean, and Marco)
You knew that Reiner and Bertholdt were going to train with you, so you waited outside your dorm. A few minutes later they appeared with another guy, the one Jean always fought with. "Hi (First), I'm Eren." he said. "Well hello Eren, it's nice to meet you." was all you replied and you guys just started to stroll down the long path leading to the lake.
Eren's POV
She was pretty hot, but I need to focus on training... I can't fail to become a soldier! I need to become one and kill every damn titan!!!
Your POV
You had a long, silent walk, images of your family dying flew threw your head. Your eyes began to get watery, but you didn't want to feel weak, so you held them back and just whipped away the forming tears... The never ending walk finally ended as you came up to an end, FINALLY, and you began training hard and long. Reiner was more focused on Eren since Eren kept c
:iconladyofthelake5:LadyOfTheLake5 17 6
Loved Chp.4(AOT FEM!Reader x Various)
Nice Body
(Same night from Chp. 3)
You were going to get dressed in your pajamas, when you heard a knock on the window you were standing by. Turning your attention to it, you saw an anxious looking Bertholdt smiling at you with Reiner behind him looking at you. After seeing their adorable faces, you left meeting them where they knocked on your window.
"I didn't know we were going to start training today." you whispered, not trying to get caught. "We decided that since you wanted to train, we might as well start today." Reiner said, exchanging glances at Bertholdt. "Well thanks guys for actually training with me." You said with a gigantic smile across your face.
They started walking along a pathway, you following like a lost puppy. "(F-first) aren't you scared of titans?" Bertholdt questioned. "Well... I don't know. I have a... unique view on them... I can trust you guys, right?" you replied. "Yeah." the both said. "Well... I believe there is a reason they are killing a
:iconladyofthelake5:LadyOfTheLake5 24 14
Loved Chp.3(AOT FEM!Reader x Various)
Becoming a Soldier
You had signed up to become a soldier now and fight titans, they had killed everyone you loved, but maybe it was for a reason... You were standing there as the instructor decided to yell at your team mates, such as Armin, Jean, Connie and so on. He decided to skip you, maybe because you were from Shiganshina. He did decide to skip a black haired girl and a brown haired boy who were also from there. You just stood tall, almost above all others, considering you were 5'8'' making you feel like a giant. Jean was next to you, barely taller than you, with his interesting hair.
Then a girl who was eating a potato caught your eye. 'Poor girl.' you thought, 'She was going to be in so much trouble.' Potato girl, or Sasha, had gotten the consequence of running laps till sunset. You walked by a group of people, talking about the others who weren't strong enough and went back to farming. You continued to walk though, and got your lunch. The spots were almost all
:iconladyofthelake5:LadyOfTheLake5 23 20
Loved Chp.2(AOT FEM!Reader x Various)
"You were lucky to still have you leg!" the doctor exclaimed as he patched it up and put it into a cask. "Letting it bleed out without having it put pressure on would have guaranteed you losing it, especially for how long you waited to have it fixed! You didn't even faint from losing an incredible amount of blood! You're a warrior I say!" the doctor exclaimed. You had made it to safety, getting away from them damn titans. The huge crowd of people fighting for food and arguing as you made your way through to go to a bench and sit down.
You were alone, scared, and even hopeless. There was nothing left for you, you had no reason to live anymore. If you died no one would have know.... At that someone shoved you, making you and your crutches fall to the ground. No on even taking their time to help you up. Stumbling to pick up your crutches and bring yourself up, you saw as people just watched you. Finally you were up, walking to the bench as soldiers walked by eyin
:iconladyofthelake5:LadyOfTheLake5 28 4
Loved Chp.1(AOT FEM!Reader x Various)
The Beginning: Shiganshina
Your life was nice, living in Shiganshina district with your lovely family. Today, you decided to go walk to Wall Maria and see how your father and brother were doing as part of the Garrison. It was such a beautiful day out, nice and bright, the sunlight beating on your petite body. As you were soaking up the sunlight you heard a sound that was like thunder. 'That's strange' you thought, there wasn't a single cloud in the sky. Deciding to look up at the sky, your pupils dilating from the dazing sunlight, you saw something by the wall. It looked like a gigantic pink face. "Titans...." was all you whispered as you saw the wall being destroyed, with rubble flying everywhere. Your eyes widened watching in horror as the pieces of the wall that once protected you landed on your house. Tears forming in your eyes realizing your mom was still in your house. Titans started to slowly stroll in, the citizens voices piercing your ears.
You decided to run
:iconladyofthelake5:LadyOfTheLake5 66 15
SnK VariousxReader - The Titan Princess - Prologe
So, just two important informations:
1. I will try to not spoiler anything! So you can read on without the fear of being spoilered.
2. I don't know if Titans would do something like that (definitely not), but it's a made-up story of me, everything beside the characters are made-up, so either you like it and read on, or you don't accept it and leave, but I will not deal with people who criticize the story only because it doesn't make sense with the story line of the anime/manga, alright? Good, then we won't have a problem here.
Then I hope you enjoy reading, for everyone who don't know:
(Y/N) = Your Name
(e/c) = eye color
(h/c) = hair color
It’s the year 834, to be exactly it’s the (birthday) of (birth month) and the humans were living safely behind their three walls from the titans for 89 years, without fearing they could break the fifty meter tall walls. Many humans were living inside of the walls Maria, Rose and Sina. Behind the first wall, Maria, lived huma
:iconleen-chin:Leen-chin 23 17
SnK VariousxReader - The Titan Princess - Ch. 2
“So you are telling me that there was a girl... completely alone in the woods... and she lives with the titans. Did I understand that right?”, Pixis asked as he and Nile Dawk tried to understand what Erwin told them just now. It was just to impossible. “Yes, that’s right Pixis.”, the blonde commander answered and nodded his head.
“And this girl really killed two men of your troop?”, Nile asked still shocked about the whole story. He couldn’t believe that a girl in the age of 16 killed two men because they killed a titan. She should be grateful and not angry!
“Yes, she did. She said something about ‘killing her brother’ and that he was right the whole time about us...” “Wait, who said what about us?”, Nile asked confused. A sigh escaped Erwin’s lips as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “You see... Bankai killed this Titan, she called it ‘Asphalt’, and Hemsworth congratulat
:iconleen-chin:Leen-chin 13 29
Hatterrose by Yamio Hatterrose :iconyamio:Yamio 2,176 114
SnK VariousxReader - The Titan Princess - Ch. 1
So, I just wanted to say, if you see this: "akdhkid" it means that you are talking in the Titan-Language. The Titan-Language sounds like roars, grumbles etc. and they don't make abbreviations while they talk, so they don't say 'don't' they say 'do not', just so you don't get confused ^^ Oh, and of course here's some violence involved, so if you can't handle it or something like this, you can read it if you want but at your own risk! And now I hope you enjoy the story! :D
Smiling you woke up in the cave you called your home, and there you lived with your mother, father and brother. All of you were titans, even though your family was much taller than you were. Your mother told you that you were just an abnormal one, with that she explained your really small size compared with the other ones, your ability to talk, write and think logically. All of that taught you another abnormal Titan, so you believed everything your mother told you. You believed her when she told you that you wer
:iconleen-chin:Leen-chin 22 2


Instructor Keith Shadis was looking at the Report he received after overseeing the Training Cadets down the training ground, he noticed that Eren Yeager was being personally train
:iconengelvargas:EngelVargas 14 6




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