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Sunny Flight: a Spyro Fan Celebration for Charity!

Sunny Flight is officially over! Thank you all so very much for your donations, kind words, contributions to the project, and for just being here for this whole thing. Thanks to all of you, I have been able to close a painful chapter of my life and you guys helped me, and the Spyro community as a whole, do something really great!

We raised $1219 for dogs, blind people, and the greater good!!! ^_^ :heart:

$969 - donated for the school to use as they wish

What: A massive fan project containing 641 pieces of work, including art, writing, and comics with all proceeds going to The Seeing Eye, a school which breeds and trains guide dogs for the blind and is working to improve canine health worldwide!

When: the zine will be for sale and donations accepted from April 24 - July 1, 2018! After July 1, the zine will be taken down from the store and contributors are free to post (or not post) their works where ever they wish!

Where: Buy the full zine (which includes the exclusive comic by Xan, LOBSTER the Complete Saga) or Xan's comic by itself on Gumroad!

Or donate through PayPal to:

Amount raised so far: $1183
If we raise $5,000 USD, we can get a Seeing Eye puppy named after a Spyro character and help provide care, training, and equipment for him or her!

Who: Here are the amazing people who contributed work to Sunny Flight!
* 2. BluBoltra - art
* 3. Constelia - art
4. CosmicRhapsody - 2d felt art piece
* 5. Esiar - art
* 6. FatherOfMusho - story
* 7. Lastdragondreamer - art
Sunny Flight Contributor: LastDragonDreamer
* 8. LastKrystalDragon - 10-page comic
Sunny Flight Contributor: LastKrystalDragon
* 9. RazzekAgain/Razzek - all of my all-ages Spyro art/stories from 2007 to present (over 500 pieces)
no interview
* 10. MissRiverstyxx - writing
* 11. norithecat - 3 color character sketches
Sunny Flight Contributor: Nori
* 12. OgaraOrCynder - 2 art pieces
Sunny Flight Contributor: OgaraOrCynder
* 13. PanDeSalvado - multiple art pieces
* 14. RemiSilvergold - poem, letter, story
* 15. RubyDragonCat - essay
16. RusCSI - art
17. Splotchy Ink/Gattlin - 3D printed sculpture
19. Svartya - art
no interview (yet)
20. TheLeatherDragonI - multiple art pieces
21. Viperwings - art
23. wolfofdarknesse - art
* 24. Xannador - 20-page comic (available to donators only!)
* 25. Zenmashta - art
asked not to be interviewed 
26. Xein000 - 3 art pieces
no interview (yet)

Welcome to Sunny Flight, a Spyro fan celebration for charity!

What do you love about Spyro the Dragon? What does this cute, weird, funny series about a purple dragon and his friends mean to you?

Sunny Flight is a celebration of a franchise that’s been around for almost 20 years and has come to mean a lot to so many. Maybe it was your childhood or it got you through some hard times. Whatever it is, you love this purple dragon, his worlds, his friends, and even his enemies. I (Razz) wanted to know why and do something good not just for those of us who are fans of this series, but for the world at large. Over the course of two months, twenty-five amazing people contributed their creativity and talent to this project (see the full list above)!

All proceeds gathered from the sale of this zip archive from April to August, 2018, will go to The Seeing Eye, a school which trains guide dogs for the blind and is working with organizations around the world to improve canine health. If you would like to donate to The Seeing Eye beyond this project, you can do so and learn more at their website linked below!

The Seeing Eye:

If you have acquired this archive without purchasing it during the April to July 2018 donation drive, please consider sending a donation to The Seeing Eye directly or adding to the amount we are working to raise through PayPal at

Special thanks to OgaraOrCynder for creating promotional materials for this project!

Spyro the Dragon and all related characters are © 1998 – present Universal Interactive Studios and Activision. All artwork and written materials are © 2018 the individuals who created them. Please do not redistribute these materials without written permission of the creators. Sunny Flight is a non-profit project made by fans for fans. All proceeds, barring PayPal and Gumroad storefront fees, will be donated to The Seeing Eye. Sunny Flight and its contributors are not affiliated with Activision, Toys for Bob, Insomniac Games, or The Seeing Eye.
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Where can I find it?
RazzekAgain's avatar
It's not available anymore but there's a folder in my faves with all the works that participants wanted to post . I might have posted the whole thing to my Patreon too, but I honestly can't remember after all this time.
GoldenGriffiness's avatar
Dang, I wish I knew about this sooner. I would have contributed. 
OgaraOrCynder's avatar
I think some journal thumbnails are broken.
RazzekAgain's avatar
Blarg, DA can be such a pain with formatting. D: Thanks for letting me know! I'll fix those now. :)
VioletWhirlwind's avatar
I am interested, but...not sure I can afford it right now.  How long will this be going?
RazzekAgain's avatar
Until August 1, so you’ve got plenty of time. :)
Ninuturu's avatar
Well, I can't pay the 30 thorough the gumroad thing, but I can do it with paypal with just the email adres, but how will I get the files if I do?
RazzekAgain's avatar
That’s odd. You should be able to use PayPal on Gumroad. I might be able to work something else out if Gumroad really isn’t working but I can’t do it until Monday. 
Ninuturu's avatar
Well if you do it makes you pay with credit card, which I do not own
So with both the Paypal and the normal pay on Gumroad it uses CC, which is bad :XD:

If you can that would be very nice
RazzekAgain's avatar
I’m afraid there’s no way to pay without using PayPal or a credit card. I don’t have access to any other options. 
Ninuturu's avatar
I can use paypal, I can pay thorough paypal as well
But only with donating right trough the email or a

Paypal can be used without a credit card attached to it
RazzekAgain's avatar
Sorry for the delayed reply. I'm still trying to think up a solution to this problem but I don't have one yet. I don't have access to anything but Gumroad that can host a file as big as this zine turned out to be. I'm very confused about it not accepting PayPal for you, though. o_o
Ninuturu's avatar
When you press the paypal link they still want you to play with card ^^; thats the issue
RazzekAgain's avatar
I just went to a random Gumroad link and I think I see the issue!

It brings up a window that looks like you have to pay with your credit card, but if you look on the right side, next to "card", it says "or pay with" and has a button for PayPal. Click the PayPal button and that will change your payment method. It will bring up a pop-up window that logs you into your PayPal and verifies everything. It's kind of hard to tell because Gumroad doesn't have the easiest to read forms; I think I had this same problem the first time I tried to buy something from the site.

At least, that's how it works on my PC in Firefox. I'm not sure how it works on mobile devices.
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So where can I pay for all of this though? Like the comic?
TheHeiosLair's avatar
Thanks and that's to purchase the entire Sunny Flight comic? ^^;
RazzekAgain's avatar
$30 will get you everything but if you just want Xan’s comic by itself, that’s $10. Both of them are at that link. :)
TheHeiosLair's avatar
Ok thanks :) so it allows me to choose which one, correct?
TheHeiosLair's avatar
Awesome! :) ok last 2 questions, and I know I've been asking a lot, it is the full, finished comic? And does it use PayPal to pay? ^^;
RazzekAgain's avatar
Yes it’s the full comic and it takes PayPal. :)
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This is cool! I've sent the info along to a Spyro fan friend of mine. Congrats on finishing the zine!!
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