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Ichigo Bijou DL [UTAU Model]

By Razz-Pixel
:iconhellkitty112: requested a super long time ago of their UTAU to be made into an edit and I've only now recently finished said model edit. Originally I finished this model without knowing the character's gender changed from a female to a male, so they are super girly looking and I apologize for that in advance. I tried editing some part to make it more male, so basically if you lift the skirt you'll be met with a bulge since I didn't want to skimp out on just saying he's wearing some special sort of underwear. He may stuff his bra to give some indication of breasts but you can't really tell with a floofy dress so why not? I'm sorry orz
The head is a Kio head and the body is Lat Miku's body. I made everything else from scratch using Metasequoia, Paint Tool Sai and Unfold3D. This model is super texture heavy and is only in .pmx format.

Read the ReadMe that is in the folder please! If you did not read then if you wish to edit this model or take a part then you MUST ASK FOR PERMISSION. If I decline then RESPECT MY WISHES. You can take the face textures if you wish without asking. But credit is wanted.

Download the model here:
The model has two passwords, one to download on the site and one to unzip the file. But they are the same thing so if you figure it out then you are in business!

Pose is by Aisuchuu

Oh yeah please credit me when you use this model~ I would love to see what you do with it~ U u U
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If the file is for use by the general public, WTSF is it encrypted ???

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This model is so adorable ;v;
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Sorry for the super late response! But thank you so much! I'm still super proud of this edit!
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May I use the hair clips for a model? I will add your original readme and do my own textures.
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Due to reasons I could reply until now, so sorry about that... If you still wish to use them still, and haven't used them without my permission until now, then go for it just make sure you give proper credit.
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Nah it's fine, I found something else to use as I didn't get a reply. I didn't want to upset you by taking parts without permission. Thank you for getting back to me though. I appreciate it. ^^
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Ah that's fine then~ Yeah I was and still kind of super impressed with what I made in this model. |D
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You should be! 3D modelling is just so hard!! *sob* I can't do it and rely on parts with good UV maps for me to colour.
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I'm going to ship him with a girl...Because I've always wondered how cross dressing men who like women pick up chicks... He'd look adorable with Zuzu-chan... I'll shut up and go away now. 
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Haha you'll have to ask his creator if you can ship him with your Zuzu~ I just did this model for a free request a while back~
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Cute model ^^
download and used
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Aw why thank you for using him~ It's nice that you posed all of the fingers! I rarely ever see actual posed fingers with any of my model edits~
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i think i cannot download password needed
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The password is rather easy, it is nine letters long and is a happy song and dance.
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huh :-? (Confused)  you mean if i guessed what the happy song name with 9 letters that is the password
Ohm... Ohm...
100% impossible im not English person and i dont know any songs or any thing like that
i apologize
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Look at the video I linked in the description. Look at the title of the song, it's in there. It's case sensitive so no capitals at all, remember only 9 letters long. It's fine, I just don't want to outright say what any of my passwords are as they are intended to be figured out. If you cannot figure it out still then please note me and I will give it to you.
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its my 1st time to use notes :D
i wonder if i did that right
by the way im looking for a golden hair model with blue eyes
in 2 kinds of age at least like one 6to 8 years old the other one adult :D
im still new so im not sure if that possible or not
if you wanna know why its because im thinking to make a story
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Yes it sent~

I'm sorry I don't know any gold haired models with those eye colours. I only collect models that I like or of characters I like so I don't know any.
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no problem
i have 2 more things to ask for if you dont mind
1- at rendering to Avi i get 7GB file for just less then 5m long how to make it less
2- is it possible to change model hair and eyes
sorry for that dumb questions but im still new to MMD world
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1. Use a program to convert the filetype to compress the file, either make it .mpeg or mp4. I'm trying to find a safe program to use for myself. I used to use FreeMake before it's latest update. For 1280x720 (720p) the out file will be anywhere from 15+ GB. But this will ensure HD rendering and will be widescreen. Anything lower then 720p will seem rather unprofessional, or low standard compared to what is common now.
2. Yes it is, but you should read the readme if it comes with one, or the popup box when opening a file as it holds rules. Not all models are editable, and it's highly disrespectful to edit a non-editable model but most people on dA don't seem to care. You will need to use either PMDeditor or PMXeditor, you can get an English download here: PMDEditor 0139 and 0219 english translation (if you have problems please ask them not me, if you get an error like this then follow my own tutorial: pmdE pmxE Error Fix). Also if you need some tutorials for what you need I do have a collection for such an occasion here:…
Also if you try to edit any of my model edits please ask before hand, most of my newest ones are made with my own parts, meaning I made them myself in a 3d modeling program for that character. Such as this character in the deviation, I made it for someone while making almost everything myself.
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Thank you for downloading~
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Oh my heavens she's adorable!
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