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This is a creature design for the Heroes' Tears RPG ( www.facebook.com/HeroesTears ) called the Werebear. Like a Werewolf, but it requires more hugs. 
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So first off, I'll list things of likes and dislikes:
+Nice, warm colours
+Nice theme and nice story for it
+Accurate and detailed
+The pose and expression are rather realistic
+Attention to accessories etc.
+Simple background
-The pose and expression on the "human" are somewhat... Umm, weird? I can't think of other words to explain it. They don't look as natural as they could
-Somewhat smudgy and foggy around some places, can't say I dislike it too much but can't say I like it.

A brief block of text:

I really like the style and the art in this work and the warm, earth-like colours. I really like the pose, the symmetry and asymmetry, accessories and attention to detail. The only thing why I can't give you as high of a score (sorry!) is because I dislike the foggy lines on the bear form. I think they make the bear look like it was made in a hurry while the human is there as a contrast piece.

Either way, have a nice day and keep on doing stuff like this! <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/s/s…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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Hey, I can use this guy in a non-profit forum game, right? Oh, and I also used RinmaruGames'  Mega Fantasy Avatar Creator to make this guy in full human form with hatchets! I call him Aleksandr Medvedev, meaning, roughly, "Defender of Man" "Bear" in Russian. I based his characterization on the Werebears in Dungeons and Dragons, since they're one of the rare Good Lycanthropes, and protect both nature and civilization by watching over the border-lands between forests and towns / villages / cities. I gave Aleksandr hatchets in an attempt to give off an 'earthy woodsman' type of feeling, as do the pictures I'm using to portray him in hybrid form, where he's carrying a two-handed axe that likely could be used as a lumber axe by someone his size. The hybrid pictures are from Pathfinder, though, I think.

Rinmaru Avatar at day

Rinmaru Avatar at night

Pathfinder Hybrid Form (Illustration)

Pathfinder Hybrid Form (miniature)
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I'm not technically the owner of the design, as the art I do for Heroes' Tears is under  work for hire agreements. But, I'd say you're safe within reason. It would be cool of you to credit Myself and the Heroes' Tears RPG when possible. Just don't make money off of it. Don't use it to advertise other things that make money. Thanks!
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Ah. Well, what I'm asking is pretty much the same as what Xavgui below me is asking, so I think I'm good, since it's an RPG. I understand, and I think I might link to this page when my character transforms, so they can get the context from you, alright?
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linking them to my deviant art and/or the Knight Errant Games website would be appreciated. Thanks
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Alright, understood.
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i really like this image. may i use it for my Dresden files character?
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First, thanks for asking and I'm very happy you like my work. Second, if you're using one of my images for personal use only, and there's no commercial transaction (money changing hands) happening then I'm perfectly fine with you using my work. Lastly, because you're using the character for an RPG, I think it would be in bad taste for me not to mention that this character was actually created for the Heroes' Tears RPG, by Knight Errant Games. I strongly recommend you check that out. It's a project that represents three years of my professional illustration career, and about 20 years of its creators life. I think it would be a shame to use the character design and not at least check out the character's origin. Thanks!
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i will do that
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Nice to see more werebears. =) Great work here.
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Awesome artwork
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Thank you so much!
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