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A scene from the world of the Heroes' Tears RPG by Knight Errant Games An Angel Linnorm bathes under a massive waterfall while Dream Bees collect the pollen of Euphorium flowers. 
Sped up video of this painting with commentary link and shorter with music linkare on youtube now!
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This is so beautiful. The Linnorm makes the whole scene revolve around it (dunno if it's female or male), causing the forest to stop in its tracks and contemplate its beauty. The place seems to be a cross between a moonlit forest glade and a pristine oasis in the middle of a murky, fly-infested swamp, its lone riverbed heralded by waterfalls which the creature uses to clean itself.

I'm quite fond of the spray falling from the dragon's body: you really took the time and effort to create every single solitary drop. There's also the feathers around the body and wings: there're swans out there who'd kill to have them. I'm also intrigued by the muddy water at the bottom, and those giant bees/wasps hovering around all those flowers... seems Monsanto messed with the pollen again. Kudos.
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Thank you so much for the crit!
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How this doesnt have at least 10k fav's? :wow:
This is stunning ♥
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Thank you so much! I'm happy you like it :) It's certainly one of my favorite creations
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Very nice work! Love all of the details in here :)
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