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I don't really use the Journal that much, in fact I only used it a while ago for a failed idea. So because that failed so miserably, I came up with another idea which might as well fail, but we shall see.

So I've started this YT channel and while doing some #digitalpaintings in #krita it struck me, the issues that I had when starting off (I'm still very much an amateur) can be summarized as so:

  • didn't know where to start (too many scattered resources, too much time to invest in research)
  • didn't have a plan
  • wasn't consistent with the learning strategy

With that in mind, I've decided to become somewhat of a portal to FREE (very important for me!) resources online that anyone can use to learn digital (especially) drawing & painting. This idea has materialized into a YT playlist called Let's Learn Together (LLT). This has the consequence that everyone can benefit from my research on the topic and having a year of cherry picked resources for the topic at hand, plus it forces me to be consistent with my studies and hopefully (maybe) create a community around the idea for the benefit of everyone! Big talk, I know :)

I plan to go through as many topics as possible, from perspective (1 point perspective, 2 point perspective, etc. to anatomy, animals, constructions, design, composition) pretty much everything! It's going to be a hell of a ride! Wish me luck and hope you like the format and see you on YT - LLT!