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COMMISSIONS CLOSED (for a long, long time probably... sad face...)

Original Character Design by: :iconkatie-w:
Yarrow Character Sheet by Katie-W

Pretty sure I used some cracked earth stock for the background from: :iconhcube:

Character Design Copyright 2011 Deviant ID: :iconkatie-w:
Portrait Illustration by Deviant ID: :iconrazvan-sedekiah:
Commissioned by: :iconkatie-w:

This character was really hard for me to paint. Maybe because I had a really bad case of the flu for two weeks during it's creation and lost my portrait groove. But I really like this character. He has so much personality and the original design was really well done.

If you like this style, you may enjoy my portrait tutorial:
Prince Raven Portrait Tutorial by Razvan-Sedekiah
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© 2011 - 2021 Razvan-Sedekiah
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Wonderful! I love hes face then again I just love your work...
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^____^ Thnx! ^____^ Looking forward to hanging out again!
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Oh! You've been sick, Are you better?

At any rate, this looks amazing. I really, really like his nose for some reason, haha.

Next Time I'm not entirely broke, I'll commission you again!~ :heart:
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Yes, I had the flu, it was terrible. =( And my husband ended up catching it 2 weeks later. O_O
I'm all better now! ^_^

I like his nose too! The character had a really detailed character sheet, with a lovely nose. I am a fan of large noses on men. XD

Sorry to hear your broke right now! Wishing you more money in the future and also hoping to do another portrait for you! ^_^
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HO-LY SHIT! that a real painting!? this seriously kicks ass.
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Thank you very much! ^__^ (It is CS4 Photoshop.)
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OOOOOMG, this is turned out BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, this is just wonderful. You really captured Yarrow well while still making it look like a dignified portrait. <3 FFFfffff. I just love your take on him and how intense his eyes look. The colors are so awesome and I love the lighting... argh, I wish I could do lighting that well! You did such a great job at making him look dimensional and realistic.
I LOVE IT! Can't say that enough! XD Thank you SO much for your hard work on this (And the image of Yewon!!!). I really really appreciate and it turned out so good!
Thanks so much for both of these commissions! <3 <3 <3

And I hope you're feeling better!!! No worries, I don't mind waiting, and the end result is certainly worth the wait! XD
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I'm so happy you like it! ^___^
Thanks so much ordering those two. They were such a joy to paint. (although Yarrow a bit more difficult than Yewon. And thank you for all your kind words!
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This turned out wonderful! I especially love the shading on his face and hair (and the shape of his jaw) the eyes are so intense ;w; they just draw my attention
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Yay! Thank you! ^____^ The original guy had such defined features, I tried really had to translate that. So thanx!
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no problem ! you did very well!
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Oh my goodness...this is so fantastic! I love the nose and mouth shapes, the piercing eyes, his overall you really made him look great! I can tell you put a lot of work into this picture, and his design is really fun to draw/paint I agree.

Just absolutely love this <3.
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Thank you! ^_^
Yes, I put a lot of work into him. He was challenging! O_O ^__^
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