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COMMISSIONS CLOSED (for a long, long time probably... sad face...)

Original Character Design by: :iconneolucky:
Yewon Ref Sheet by Neolucky

Lovely Blue sky stock provided by: :iconphotohouse:
Nose and some color inspiration from: :iconthe1stgrape-stock:
Pretty sure I used some cracked earth stock for the background from: :iconhcube:

Character Design Copyright 2011 Deviant ID: :iconneolucky:
Portrait Illustration by Deviant ID: :iconrazvan-sedekiah:
Commissioned by: :iconkatie-w:

This is a neat character. I'm happy to have worked on them. Their eyes were particularly fun to paint!

If you like this style, you may enjoy my portrait tutorial:
Prince Raven Portrait Tutorial by Razvan-Sedekiah
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© 2011 - 2021 Razvan-Sedekiah
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Cool it seems your series style is really working for you!! It's cool seeing you try bring life to other OC's trying new styles ^_^.
Razvan-Sedekiah's avatar
Thnx! It's been fun!
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;w;/ very purty, such vivid and lifting colours
Razvan-Sedekiah's avatar
Thankie sai! ^___^
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Oh holy cow! This is really really awesome! I absolutely love those eyes and the colors and that soft expression...arhg you're really good at portraits and painting-style in general <3. Thank you so much for taking this commission, and thanks to *Katie-W for getting it! I'm excited to see the next one!
Razvan-Sedekiah's avatar
Thank you! ^_^ I'm glad you like it, since it's your character! (Who is really awesome btw.)
I'm looking forward to starting the next one, but I'm fighting off cold/flu (don't know which), so I haven't been able to do much this week. =(
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Oh, wow, it's so interesting to see a more realistic take on Yewon! I love how the eyes really seem to pop with color compared to the rest of the portrait... and you used perfect colors for the character! Especially with the wash of background colors. I like the yellowish/greenish tint all around the edges. Very nice!!! Yewon looks so soft and gentle in this image. <3 Thanks so much for this! (And for such a high res file!) It looks great!
Razvan-Sedekiah's avatar
Thank you ! Yay! I am so happy you are pleased! ^_^ On to the next one!
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:D I really like this one.


she looks so cute.
Razvan-Sedekiah's avatar
Thank you! Me too. It was fun to paint something very light after painting three darker portraits... but another dark one is up next! ^_^ Which will be fun. hee hee.
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Can't wait to see ow that one turns out!~
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