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March 9, 2010
Art Nouveau Chun Li by *Razvan-Sedekiah is a new and refreshing take on Chun Li! Everything looks stylized and fine without making the character lose any of the strenght and energy that characterizes her!
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Art Nouveau Chun Li



Thank you for your interest in my costume design. I'm not doing too well so I can't respond to messages very often, but I'll try to stop in and look when I'm able.

Hey video game makers, if you want to use this design, just give me a credit and tell me, I would be sooo happy to see this in Street Fighter!

Sorry if this information isn't the clearest, I'm not a lawyer, not skilled at that. As long as no one claims this as their own, I'm pretty happy. :D

:squee: You can now buy this design on a T-shirt, sticker, Ipad case, Iphone case or prints at RedBubble!…

I'm okay with people making NEW  fan artwork using this costume for PROFIT and ask that you do the following to help me out by crediting me as shown in the following:

PRINTS: ( Please credit me clearly and legibly.)
costume design: Kim Razvan Courtney (or Razvan Sedekiah is fine as well or Costume by: Razvan if you are pressed for space.)

DEVIANT and OTHER ONLINE ART: (Somewhere easily found on the page)
Original Costume deign by Kim Razvan Courtney seen here:

COSPLAY: Yes please! Anyone is free to cosplay this! I only ask that you credit me as the costume designer where ever possible. Thank you so much to everyone who has done a cosplay of this. I have cried happy tears at every single photo I have seen so far. Please DA note me with a link to your cosplay! 

Please note that the costume design may not be sold. I retain all rights to the design. If you are interested in purchasing the costume design please note me.  You may not use my design for massive commercial projects.

Thank you for liking my costume design and please send me a note so I can see your new wonderful work! (Also, if you want to be listed on this page, please let me know via note.)

Art Nouveau is my favorite style and Mucha is my favorite artist!I used a layout that is in one of Mucha's beverage advertizements.

Chun-Li is one of my favorite characters!

It would bring me a lot of joy to see more cosplay of my design. Thank you everyone who has cosplayed this so far, I'm really thrilled beyond belief. Thank you for choosing my design! Thank you!
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Soooo beautiful clothes!