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Sweater Weather

I can finally show some work I did for polish weekly magazine "Wsieci" :D
This is a a part of a cover for autumn/winter bonus article :heart: (aktualnie do kupienia w kioskach!)… serdecznie zapraszam do zakupu aktualnego numeru gazety! :)

edit: I can't express how happy I am to see so many comments!! I think I've never gotten that much (around 300!!) thank you for all of them and every each one, I'm afraid it will be really hard for me to reply all but I read every comment and it makes me feel really warm, cozy and "christmasy" inside :)
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Found you from dAWishingWell ~~
The sweater-texture is perfect omg!! And love the composition~
ashleyjordan's avatar
So charming and warm, and my goodness those cozy textures make me feel like I can feel the painting! Wow this is so sweet and impressive :)
2elko's avatar
Awesome! 10 out of 10!
Xsyl's avatar
Wow. Jesteś polską osobą! Niesamowite prace. Masz bardzo ładny sposób rysowania twarzy. Taki naturalny i łagodny. Świetnie to wygląda. :)
Praca oddaje niesamowicie najcieplejszy zimowy klimat, jaki tylko może być. :3
PS. Rysujesz w Ps'ie czy Sai'u? :3
Razurichan's avatar
dziękuję bardzo! :D no tak, tak sie składa, ze jestem z Polski ;)
Rysuję jednoczesnie w Photoshopie i Saiu :)
Xsyl's avatar
Nie ma za co. :) 
To dobrze, niech nasz kraj wyróżnia się tak dobrymi artystami!
cudowna praca. czy te wszystkie tekstury są ręcznie malowane czy to jakaś technika? Halfliquid Alphaosiris dziękuję za odpowiedź. :3
Razurichan's avatar
dziekuje bardzo :heart:
tekstury na swetrze sa w 100% recznie malowane, natomiast te na poduszce i rajstopach to w wiekszosci zasluga brusha :)
Realmwright's avatar
This made me stop and think that in my adult years (19 to I won't say how old) I always received at least one book for Christmas. And wool socks. Both of which I always ask for.
Looking back, I wish that had been the case of my childhood years too.
Dreamerforever2004's avatar
Cuddling and Cozy Weater! ;)
I love cold winter!
For me Autumn and winter are the most romantic and lovely seasons.

By the way ...
... beautiful drawing! ;)
ImaginationUnivers1's avatar
What a dazzling smile! And just the feel of's very beautiful. Expressions and colors match, as well! It's so awesome! Please, keep up the awesome works! >w<
Slowturtoise's avatar
Sparkling ! A refreshing smile !
Very nicely done
Antusy's avatar
Wow! Amazing picture! 
Kilwin's avatar
I love this piece so much! It really captures that cozy winter feel. Fantastic work my friend! Keep it up :)
this picture is amaaaaaaazing, and it makes me miss the snow so badly.

last two winters in southern states. haven't touched snow in almost three years, and i was born and raised in Michigan. you don't understand my aaaaaaaaaaangst!
Estipi's avatar
She is beautiful matter of fact she reminds me a little of Ariel "The Little Mermaid". Very cute Me Gusta <3 :) :3
GaeaMuir's avatar
I'm a turtleneck enthusiast and OH MY GOD THAT CUP IS HUGE
:) She's so pretty! Your sketches show a lot of talent and technique, but this "more finished" work is amazing!
Jurian-Ri's avatar
Dose legs, tho
LenaLightwood's avatar
Sweater weather is better weather^-^
The texture of the pullover is amazing<3 how do you did that?
LatexHarley's avatar
just seen... I really like it, the way you've done her legs are nice.
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