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Pastel Aggresive

By Razurichan
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I can't believe how long it's been since I've drawn Margaret! She's still one of my favourite characters and one of the first I've ever created :heart: Margaret belongs to my Far Beyond the World universe (in the gallery folder under that name you can find other art related!)

...So who had these in their childhood? 8)

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Miuzza's avatar
Amagad yes I always liked these sour jewells:D! ps: the blue beads are the most tasty ones~
MonaOkami's avatar
How much I loved those candies :heart: yummy
MRPANDDA's avatar
I would love to see your process for creating art! The final product is always amazing!
kaze26's avatar
EnPassant2071's avatar
Such amazing lines and coloring, I dream of one day making digital art this smooth.
Ladygentlemanbastard's avatar
I love this character and especially this piece! There's a lot of characterization going on in a small space, and overall it's just fun to look at. on a side note, I need a shirt like that.
dr3amca5t3r's avatar
Adorable beyond words.
Glanzfell's avatar
I am a little bit in love.
Monele's avatar
Candy necklaaaace ^.^
She looks seriously awesome. So full of energy and fun!
Lairi-san's avatar
Omg, your coloring is just so neat! You wouldn't have made some speedpaint videos, right?
I would love to learn how you color like this! Is clear but also attractive to the eyes. Good job!
Razurichan's avatar
thank you so much!
Huh... I don't have any videos of this piece, but I think that the process itself isn't really hard - I believe that it's the values that make the coloring look attractive! :) so as long as the values are kept right (you can tell by looking at greyscale version of a drawing if the shades of grey are harmonious) the colors should look good too :)
Lairi-san's avatar
Oh, I see! That makes sense. I will try to color following that technique. Thank you for answering me! ^^
igneriss's avatar
Ahh cukierkowe zegarki/naszyjniki! Uwielbiałam je : D
dr3amca5t3r's avatar
Adorable."My Type".
Hincaru's avatar
This is so cute i love it
winterfeuille's avatar
oh my she is such a lovely oc! xD i just keep staring into her eyes for this drawing. and nope defo dont have those cool looking stuff for my childhood xD what are they anyways?
gusolsan's avatar
Beauty for ever
iamSketchH's avatar
I loved candy necklaces when I was a kid. :D
Kaelidae's avatar
great character, and a great title!
MidoriNoOkami's avatar
Nie wiem, jak cała reszta, ale jak przeglądałam stronę główną i zobaczyłam tego arta, to przyciągnął moją uwagę ze względu na te kolorowe cukierki <3
Przypomniało mi się dzieciństwo i podświadomie pomyślałam, że musisz być z Polski. Cóż, nie pomyliłam się!
Zakles's avatar
Those teeth are strangely beautiful ...
SkollRage's avatar
fancybirdy's avatar
Beautiful! Great movement in her hair!

Yeah, I used to get these candy necklaces too! It was fun, the candies were SUPER rock hard and really hurt when they'd bash you in the teeth, then the elastic would get all gross and snap and hit you in the face n stuff like that. Ahhh, good times. ;)
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