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My OC Margaret again! I'm trying to make my lines a bit more loose, even though I've been drawing since forever I never really got used to sketching digitally (I usually start with pencil sketch and then overpaint it). I surely enjoyed these a lot! :D
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Awesome OC, I really like how she looks.

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LMAO @ "Earth for Aliens" XD She's so cute! Loving the expressions and the color palette!
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...such an absolute darling!....can't wait to see more of her...=3
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I love the facial expressions.
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This is just adorbs!
"Earth for Aliens"? :XD: It is written in "terrestrialese", will she even learn a thing :B ?

I absolutely love the expressions you put on your characters! The most fun to see here, in my opinion, is the one in the bottom right corner... methinks she just discovered that she has to learn "terrestrialese" to even read it.

Rather curious about her disembodied wings, though...
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"Earth for Aliens"? Make me curious as to what her world looks like.
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What a fun looking characyer.  You've really brought her to life in these images.
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I love her character! Great expressions (⌒▽⌒)☆
Cute:) So full of life.
conveys personality wonderfully
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I love the design! its so adorable uwu
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Very lively expressions. Nice.
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where can i follow this OC, i love it!
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Love her outfit.
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Kinda looks like a guy with very long hair 
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naaaah boss no guys face is that feminine.
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You sure about that?
Well, then the body certainly is more on the
masculine side
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god you guys. there are guys with feminine faces and there are girls with masculine bodies and they still are men or women. It's not that complicated. who the f cares.
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i do
just pointing out
my observations
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