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melty/razrr/akemi || they/them || professional chicken nugget

please don't use my work in fanart or other works relating to yan/dere sim/ulator. thank you!

hi ! im melty ! im 27 and 3D modeling is my hobby

this is where i post all my original works. if youd like to see model edits, you can check out @AkemiWhy !

i have ADHD and it affects My Entire Life most notably my memory and attention span so if you noted me or asked me something and i havent responded, please dont assume i'm ignoring you just assume that i did see and meant to respond but with the attention span of a gnat something distracted me and it didnt happen. just prod me and i'll get back to you!

i like:

  • madoka magica

  • magical girls in general

  • touhou

  • alternative fashion

  • shrimp chips

  • character design

  • winning too many plushies at arcades

  • my girlfriend!!!!!

  • my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • seafood

  • drawing

  • sunflower seeds

i dont like:

  • spicy food blegh

  • being on Giant Ladders

  • waking up early

  • Too Many Noises Happening At Once

  • drawing hands

  • the torturous burning tongue feeling for like a week after eating sunflower seeds (but i cant stop PLEASE help me)

  • being Too Short For Anything

the tools i use are:

  • metasequoia 3.1.6 (for modeling)

  • blender 2.9 (for UV mapping and baking, occasionally other things)

  • clip studio paint (for texturing)

i do not take commissions or requests at this time due to my Lack Of Confidence and my irregular work schedule. If there's something you'd like me to make, im happy to take suggestions! i just can't promise that i'll actually be able to do it

if you find a glitch or an error in any of my works, please let me know!

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asshole magical girls

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oh my god your models are godly and your work is so cute,,,, instant sub !!

AAAAA thank you!!! you’re so sweet !!! that means so much to me 😭😭😭

I just just wanna say i really love your gallery and all your creations, you're really creative and i'm very inspired by you and your work <3

ahdjfkdkjxkfks 😭 thabk u so much !! that really means a lot to me 🥺

Do you do requests?

not currently due to my work schedule, but if you have a suggestion i'll take a look ! i just can't promise 100% that i'll do it