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Metroid Prime 2 - Light Suit (with Time Lapse)

By Razputin93
Here is what happens if you don't do thumbnails first. :ohnoes: This game would have deserved better. Yescrying 

EDIT: Added some post-fx back in I forgot to turn on again after finishing it yesterday.

Click here for the Time Lapse Video.

Tools: Photoshop, Wacom Cintiq Companion
Time: 3,5 hours

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is © by Retro Studios
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© 2014 - 2021 Razputin93
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Awesome work
looks great
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"This game would have deserved better"

Um... I can't really see this being any better. I mean, just look at it! It's gorgeous! 
MidgarZolom's avatar
Way cool. I love the ambient lighting and reflections in this piece. Such great atmosphere. There's so little Light Suit fanart out there. This is the absolute best I've seen. Great job!
Cryophase's avatar
Would it be okay if I got this printed as a poster for my room? :) Or if you made it available as a print, I would buy it! :D
CodyLabs's avatar
Super classy. Good job.
WridianGrey's avatar
There is a severe lack of good fan art of the Light Suit, which is still the best-looking suit ever in my opinion. I don't like much about the visual design direction of the Metroid Prime games, but they did do the best suit designs and overall treatment.
Red-Indicator's avatar
The light suit is my favorite design of Samus various suits. You rarely get to see pictures of that suit anywhere, so I am glad you are offering one very high class one. The whole picture is simply a very harmonic composition, the picture would be an awesome poster. Great work!
I've seen this picture so often on the internet and only now am I finding it source.

Great job! This is one of my favorite pieces of fan art for Samus Aran ever, it's so freaking cool. 
Razputin93's avatar
Wow, thank you!
Glad, so many people like the piece. ;)
Yeah, well, it's really cool. =)
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Ugh this is so good! Love it!
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Love the work. Any way to get a print?
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Thanks! Tried uploading one, but it's fan art, so dA won't allow me to. :x You can download the original sized PNG which is quite big and print it yourself, though.
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So fucking epic piss her off and she blows ur freaking head out.
darkenedangel145's avatar
Why couldn't she keep The Light Suit in every game afterwards? T^T
wolodin's avatar
So epic!
Any chance she's in Torvus Bog?
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So simple, yet so unsettling.
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