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First Comic - The Lettering

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Man, I finally got it done... though, I rather rushed it. Making comics is harder than I thought it would be!
There are probably a lot of errors in there, and I couldn't be as accurate as I wanted, as I sketched the entire thing out on paper, and used that as the basis of a vector drawing.

I'm going to need a better system of drawing.

I also need a better system of colouring too. I'd prefer one which is fully vector-based, though I'm not sure how to do that yet.

In either case, I need more practice.

Speaking of which, commissions are open. :iconcommissionsopen: [link]
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Ah kerning, my old enemy, we meet again.
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Use any font, use Comic Sans if you have to, just please don't letter it yourself!!!
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In my defense, I abused my knowledge of vectors and freehand tools to get that "terrible" effect. I will most certainly use fonts though. Lettering takes too long! :/
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Nice job! If there were an achievement system, I'd give you one for drawing your first comic. Sadly none exist so you'll have to make do with this comment of appreciation. You still got much to learn, but you're making great progress so far.
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Also, not entirely sure about my current strategy or techniques for making drawings like that.
I'll spice it up a bit, maybe try something else.
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Awesome! I have yet to attempt one.
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Great work for a first time comic! But one question... how do I put eyes in vector??????
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I used bezier curves for the eyes, I believe, for panel 3, but I used several ovals in panel 2. The eyes in MLP the animation are vector oval-shaped thingos, but you can only see the parts that are within the eye region.
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It's difficult to draw comics, isn't it? There are so many things you must consider while drawing them. I was going to point out some errors, but then I realised that this is probably your first (pony) comic, and that my first comic looks way worse (There's no background and colours, anatomy is wrong etc). So this looks superior when you compare it to mine. Nevertheless, I have two questions for you:

Should it be Celestia, not celesta?
Should they have cutie marks?

If you're going to draw more comics, it should be relatively easy to improve from this point. You just need enough patience and time.

Keep up the good work!
razorsharpfang's avatar
Yes to both. This is what sleep deprivation does to people who make art. Errors and mistakes galore!
I seem to draw more accurately when I'm not cramped for space it seems, so I'm going to see if I can start drawing it digitally, as opposed to scanning in a drawing on paper. We'll see how it goes.
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Oh Pinkie Pie. XD
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Only Pinkie can see it while Twilight doesn't.
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Good job! But, why don't they have cutie marks?
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Pretend it's on the left flank! :D
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Because I'm a lazy pony. (Finished it at midnight, so I probably wasn't thinking at the time)
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