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RIPE GRUNGE v3 - 7 brushes


Third Pack.
In this pack: 5 grunge brushes, 2 fractal brush

In the RIPE GRUNGE Series: 22 grunge brushes, 3 fractal brushes

RIPE GRUNGE v1: [link]
RIPE GRUNGE v2: [link]
RIPE GRUNGE v3: [link]
RIPE GRUNGE v4: [link]

All I ask for the use of these brushes is if you download, PLEASE ADD TO FAVOURITE. I know most of you won't, but please, it only takes a few seconds for you to click a single button named ADD TO FAVOURITES.
Ah well.
Feel free to use with no consent.
If you like my work and would like to compliment me, or you want to run me over and give me cancer, send me an email:
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Great brushes. Thank you.
SkittleMage's avatar
I don't know you, but Jesus Christ, I love you right now :D! Definately my favourite brushes ^^
RazorICE's avatar
Hahaha, try this one out, you'll probably love it more ;)
ElaSoPHia's avatar
great brushes! used them here [link]
RazorICE's avatar
Woo! Thanks for the comment and for using them! :D
Say, have you checked out this? [link]
It's all my brushes in one pack, plus a few new ones. Better than this one :)
Advertising is fun. =P
ElaSoPHia's avatar
wow thanks!! will download and use them in the future!! i loooved your brushes!
RazorICE's avatar
Hehe, thanks a lot for the kind comments! :D Glad you like them! ^_^
SkillZombie's avatar
Thanks alot for the brushes man.
RazorICE's avatar
ripelascra's avatar
i clicked the download button and downloaded it but i dont know how to use it. can u explain me a little bit, i cant even see this brush on photoshop, what should i do?
RazorICE's avatar
Well, firstly, make sure you don't have Photoshop 7. These don't work in PS7.
Secondly, I recommend you get my other brush pack, here: [link]
That pack includes the brushes in this one plus a bunch more.

Now, when you've downloaded the pack, put it somewhere easy to remember, like on your desktop. Open up Photoshop, click on the brush tool, and from the dropdown list (where you choose your brush), click on the little arrow pointing to the right. (Should be just above the list). From that, choose Load Brushes, and double click on the brush pack located on your desktop.

Hope this helps, if you have any more questions feel free to ask. Enjoy! :)
ripelascra's avatar
oh yes, i hav ps7 but now im downloading cs2, it will work there right?

ok im gonna download what u recommend. thanx for writing back :)
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This set is a little more abstract than the others
RazorICE's avatar
You think so? It's been a long time since I last used them, I don't remember myself =P
v2 & v3 added to favs...thanks
RazorICE's avatar
Looks nice, I'll try them l8r. +faved.
RazorICE's avatar
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