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Dawn at Sundown

I couldn't think of a better name.
Don't blame me. I think it's named because the sun on the render is setting and so it's becoming dusk, but there is another sun which should make the render bright (but I couldn't be farkered) so it's dawn but at sundown, get it? I thought not.

Here's a not-so-quick 4+ hour piece. Mainly because the render took 40 minutes.

This is on a 9 quality jpg (out of 12). And it's almost 1mb. Haha, sucked in dialup users.

But yeah, enjoy, please :+fav: even if you don't like it, and if you hate it, send me hate mail

Razorice [AT] gmail [DOT] com

or praisemail, whatever.

Eitherway, I'll take most comments into consideration, to improve this piece, and as soon as I get a prints account... oooh baby come to papa, I'm buying this sucker.
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did you use terragen for this? if not, WOW! great work!
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Yeah, I think I mentioned it in the comments?
Terragen just for the water and mountains. The rest is all mine.
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The space is really pretty! Although I don't really like the terrain so much. But! nevertheless! Awesome job!
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heh, yeah, I thought the terrain came out looking a bit weird, but ah well =P thankyou :D
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indeed :clap:
yeah i know iv'e posted here so what?
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Stunning image, very nice putted together.
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Now thats Beautiful!
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Weee, thankyou :D :hug:
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very nice :clap:
good work danny boy :glomp:
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If it's nice, why don't you add it to your favourites? =P kidding

thankyou :hug: :D
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Amazing .... I think this is way better than mine. I really like the cast of the suns you have made .... propably using smudge D D Just love them!!!!!!
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No way man, yours are great! but thankyou for that :D
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well as I wrote before I should take some time to know how to use terragen :) but I havent got the time needed... so until that I'll just rip landscapes from other pics
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rofl =P
terragen is pretty nifty, and it's actually not that hard to learn.
play around with it, you might get something nice looking.
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Ok thnx for encouraging me ... some day I will
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