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Boa Viagem

This is a photo from my recent trip to my home-city, Recife, in Brazil.
The beach shown in the photograph is Boa Viagem, which literally means "Nice Voyage".
Boa Viagem is several kilometres long, and lined almost entirely the whole way by towering skyscrapers.
Some parts of the beach are often crowded.

Picture and photomanipulation by me.
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1/159 second
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22 mm
Date Taken
May 15, 2006, 2:25:47 AM
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Dude, that's my hometown too! I don't speak any Portuguese and I live in the US now, but I still love being able to say that I'm a Brazilian from Recife. Anyway, thanks for the shot. Pure sweetness! :clap:
RazorICE's avatar
Haha, sweet :D Recife is awesome eh =P
BrazilianBorn's avatar
It is! Love the beach! :headbang:
RazorICE's avatar
And the girls in bikinis in the streets. Brazil is a great country :giggle:
BrazilianBorn's avatar
:rofl: Haha! The girls are the best! :laughing:
helenars's avatar
brasileiro!! uau, eu nao podia imagina que vc fosse brasileiro! sou fa do seu trabalho! fico muito orgulhosa em saber q um artista tao bom como vc nasceu no nosso querido brasil! ><
parabens pelo trabalho! :+fav: com certeza! XD
RazorICE's avatar
Haha, nao sou tao bom (e nao falo portugues muito bem!)
Obrigado pelo :+fav:! :D
cydenis's avatar
Não é tão bom em Português e deu aulas no Japão. Modest man. And you’re not thin: it’s genetics.
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nice, very clean.
RazorICE's avatar
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wow do you have a wide shot lense or did you just crop it that way?
RazorICE's avatar
Cropped, it extended up showing the top of one of the skyscrapers in the background.
Pillowthesheep's avatar
Gives a nice effect! If you had a wide view lense I'd have to kill you though =P
Without one I think I could on get wide shots with my tripod and slowly edge it along and blend the photos together in photoshop...I've never tried it though
RazorICE's avatar
I'm sure I've got a wide lens somewhere...
Pillowthesheep's avatar
well I just got a digital slr so as soon as I have some money I'll be investing in a light weight tripod and some lenses wahoo!
RazorICE's avatar
And how soon will that be? =P
Pillowthesheep's avatar
As soon as I get off my lazy butt and get a job :D
RazorICE's avatar
Hehehe. Nice new avatar by the way. :)
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Wow, beautiful photography and manipulation Dan. It's been ages since you submitted anything. This is great. :)
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Cool. It gives a good idea about how long the beach is. I like the idea, that you leave the people coloured.
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Heh, thanks :D
Long time no see eh =P
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