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Arctic Kingdom

Okay, here's a quick (by quick I mean I didn't put too much effort into it, though it did take long to make, damn slow computer) piece that took about 3 hours to make. It's a bit crap though, but I think the comets look cool.

Please :+fav: if you like it =P even though no one will but meh.

Three renders, one with everything, two with no sky (one was green landscape the other was icy landscape, merged them together), took about 30 minutes each to render, and then about an hour and a half of photoshop processing.

And because I'm lazy I just copy-pasted the planet from Dawn at Sundown (which was in turn copied from Alone In The Dark :giggle:)

UPDATE 1: changed a few things, most noticebly the colour of the planet, reflection, and fixed up the comet on the right (looked a bit stretched before)
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Such an amazing picture... I love the rainbow that seems to circle the planet in the distance.
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Thank you! ^_^ :D
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wowy! your amazing! :D
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Nahhhhh, but thanks =P
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stop with the name of the picture at the bottom of it.... ruins the whole image.
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Really? You think? Hmm, I think next one I do I'll have the name on a border, or small in a corner. Thanks for the suggestion :D
give it about 2 months. im sure u wont be my hero then. but if you still are in 2 months then u might always be
just as good as the other one. Still my hero
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still? how long am I going to stay your hero for? :P
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I put this on my desktop. Looks pretty good =)
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No prob. Though I get cold when looking it :D
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looks awesome, one thing though that doesnt look right is the island in the middle, the land color and lighting effect doesnt go with the comets and the other planets, but overall nice stars, water ;D, and comets!
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hehe, yeah, ah well =P
thanks :hug:
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This is good as well
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Weee, thankyou :D
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You're welkome =)
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Wow, that's so cool! The contrast is really effective.
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Hehe, thankyou :D
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Whoa! Awesome work!
The Comets look great and the planet is very well done too..

Nice work!
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Weee thankyou!!! :D :hug:
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