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Hey I got a question

Who would you say is the most powerful tiger and dragon?

There are so many definitions of "powerful," but if we're going for the one on each side who can do the most damage to the other, then I'd go for Scyde on the Tiger end of things and Her Majesty Queen Oscura on the Dragon side. Great question!

oh ok. thank god they don’t know what a aeroan is.

Hey can I have some advice? I was thinking of making my own webcomic of sorts, but would prefer it to be on its own hosting site like your Draconia Chronicles. It’d have to be free because I don’t have the money for anything fancy. A lot of places recommended WordPress. You mentioned that Mihari from Katbox helped you make the Draconia Chronicles site, so I’m looking for advice.

Howdy! Thanks for checking out the comic. Having my own domain and the hosting for it isn't free but it's not hugely expensive, either, and it's a cost you can easily recoup if you sell ads or use Patreon like I do. For more information, you'll want to talk to Mihari. She's the brains behind the site whereas I just upload content. If you're on Twitter, you can ping her at @MihariCheetah.

Good luck!

Excuse is it ok that I a do fan art comic

Sure! Just make sure to give credit where it's due and remind folks that they can find the original at DraconiaChronicles.com and you'll be good to go!