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Swirly lilly tattoos

By RazorCookie
lol the photo is crap, and not even straight on, I didn't take it..but I will make sure I get a proper picture myself when this is completely finished.

okay so..I think this will be my 8th tattoo. This is my first back piece, and my first time doing something centered..personally I like the one on the left more P: I did the right one first, but it came all together quite nicely. There will still be four names added, the lilies represent her children. She had her own name tattooed on her shoulder, but I worked around it.
She really seems to love it a lot :) and showing it off getting lots of compliments! ^^

I'm so glad she came to me to get it done :D

Used: 5rnd liner w/diamond tube, 7mag shader w/flat tube, stealth shader and liner machines, kokkai sumi black ink, orange and yellow immortal ink, printer paper for stenciling (which works surprisingly good)

I am a tattooist that takes time, I like to look over everything more than twice, and make sure it is even and to the clients liking..I am not like the tattooist who taught me, I do not slap the design on you without asking how it looks and tattoo is half assed. I learned by his mistakes that his way is the rudest way to tattoo. I am doing it to make money, but I mainly care about the client <3


craptacular photo by the amazing Jessica c:

Tattoo by me :iconrazorcookie:
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It still looks awesome!
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that is magnificent o3o
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very welcome X3 keep up the awesome work
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WOW! That is so beautiful, they are so lucky to have had you to do it, excellent work!
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No probs :3~!
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