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Trading art with Razorcheeks


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WINNERS!! JULY 2,000 points GIVE-AWAY! (Closed)

And the winners aare: 1.- ~WindySilver (https://www.deviantart.com/windysilver) 2.- :iconhavpuns: Congratulations and thanks to everyone for participating! --------------------------------- Hello my friends!  It's Give-Away time again! There will be 2 winners in total: 1. 1,000 2. 1,000 Here come the rules! : 1-  Make a NEW journal featuring this one with the title "2,000 points Give Away by SeviYummy" 2-Put the link of the journal you made featuring this one here on the comments. 3-Watch me 4-Favorite this journal NOTE: The rules are NOT optional! You have to do all mentioned above! Every time you add something to favorites, you are assigned a number in the "p


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Miles Edgeworth


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[steps] Rukko

Tutorials, step-by-steps and references

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Pokemon x UNDERTALE : Chara x MegaGengar


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Lady Ophelia

Fantasy and other original art

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Persona 5 -- Ryuji, winky face

Fan art

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AUCTION: Bakuinawa 016 [CLOSED]

Manga Anime Chibi

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Can anybody recommend a good daily art challenge?

I want to do a daily art challenge but I'm not sure what kind I'd like to do. Any recommendations or suggestions? Thanks! Here's a list I made 10 years ago: 1. The 80s 2. Neon lights 3. Aurora borealis 4. City lights / night skyline 5. Red moon 6. Tropical sunset 7. Bloody 8. Masks 9. Upside-down 10. Egyptian 11. Water 12. Snow 13. Lightning 14. Clocks 15. World of madness 16. Fire 17. Mirror / reflection 18. Cathedral 19. Shattered glass 20. Pastel 21. Henry from SH4 22. Foggy city 23. Rainbow 24. Gray 25. Tears 26. Rain 27. Creation 28. Stigmata 29. Love 30. Light 31. Dark 32. Heaven 33. Silence 34. Cat 35. Flowers 36. Dying 37. Illusion

Great ideas and nicely done

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The Path.


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Tabby Owl Griffin


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Trading art with Razorcheeks

Made for me

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Tellurion 058


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Inktober Redux 15: Math


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[Close] Design adopt_197


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OC Questions for Contest (CLOSED_

Hello! I've finally got around to writing the questions for you to answer for the OC development section. Feel free to tweak the questions ever so slightly to make it more time-period appropriate if you feel that would make it more immersive. If you aren't part of this contest and would like to be, please check out this journal for applications: And if you are wondering how the contest is being run, please check out the announcement journal: Anyway, onwards to the questions! You can include these questions however you like, but they must end up in the correct folder on my group somehow. I would recogmend a journal, but you may find a bett

Contests, arttrades etc.

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