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Was For a game i was working on and yet again wont be finished :(
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Hey, I was wondering if I could use your image for a project I'm working on. I will fully credit you and add a link to your DeviantArt page. Thanks!
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Hope you don't mind to add the art in :iconxionic-madness:.:) (Smile) 
Thank you very much.
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Ooooooooooooo, blinkenlights!
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I love this. It could be a concept for part of my cosplay story.
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Looks amazing.
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Hah! I did notice that he uses a 3d version of my concept, not sure who made it sadly.
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Maybe it was made by Geers_Art, he makes a lot of art for him.
What drawing/software equipment did you use here?
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Photoshop and 3ds Max
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Great job... Proportions, details and light extremelly well made.
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Much appreciated <3!
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In the future, there will be fewer wires.
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aye! what a shame ;(
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You have the right look - perfect for my collection other spaces! :jarksaber:
This is so awesome!
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much appreciated!
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thank you! very kind! :D
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Great job! =O
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