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Chapter 1:


            “So, you think you know how to take care of things here better than my Beta, Flint?”

            “I wouldn’t necessarily put it in those terms, Demeter, but suffice to say that I think Devil is insane and anyone worth anything can see it, but most of the people here are too afraid to do anything for fear of what you’ll do to them.”

            He growled. “You better mind your mouth, pup, or someone will mind it for you.”

            I leaned back in the chair, watching him. “Not like you’ll ever discipline Devil anyway. You’re the only one who doesn’t even call him that behind his back. It’s always his proper name, nickname, or rank with you. You don’t see how he treats everyone and if you were smarter about it you’d have a plan for what’ll happen when he waits until you’re not around. Sometimes I wonder if he’s just biding his time until you’re away on a trip for a long time or until you’re injured. If you get injured he might just see it as a weakness and take an opportunity to-“

            I didn’t hear his foot hit my jaw, I just felt the pain and looked up at him before setting my jaw back in place while Demeter spoke. “You’ll do well to remember that you’re an Enforcer for me. If he would ever try anything you’re the one who has to stop him. And lucky for me that’ll never happen because you’re too weak to fight against him and win, even on my behalf.”

            You’re getting senile so young, Demeter. I’m one of two people who have fought you and WON, if I remember correctly. Devil’s brother, Duval was the other one.

            “Whatever you say. I’m going away for a few days. Don’t tell the others. It’s none of their business or concern.”

            “If one of us goes somewhere then all of us should go there.” He got down to my level, eyes narrowed.

            “Then by your own logic the trips that you take alone should require everyone to come. Guess I should probably tell Devil and Luke and Sam what you’ve been up to. Should I include Duval in that since he’s technically still a part of the gang?”

            “Fine, take your time, but remember, if anything happens to you then I’m not coming to your rescue. You’re on your own. If you’re alive, if you die, if you’re nothing more than a smear on the road. I do not care what happens to you. I will not send any of the others after you. If you don’t come back then you just don’t come back.”

            I stood up, pushing him aside and walking to his door and paused with my hand on the knob. “And it would do you well to remember that I have taken care of myself longer than you have. You grew up with a family. I grew up on the streets. It means something around here. It means there’s experience I have that none of the rest of you have and never will be able to have. Don’t get in my way again, Demeter. And don’t worry, I’ll act like the scolded little puppy. If any of the others ask you can always tell them you’ve sent me on a mission of some sort.” I was tempted to slam his door as I left his office, but there was no point in it. All that would do was bring out the others and they’d start asking questions I didn’t want to answer.

Demeter, once again a pain.

Meet Flint, a wolf with a pack he mostly hates and doesn't feel like he belongs in. This is his journey.
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July 21, 2015
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