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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Razor I. Zyrak.27/Male/Mexico Groups :icondragonesmx: DragonesMX
We really move our tail for you.
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.:::::: Esta es mi galería, disfruten de ella::::::.
.:::::: This is my gallery, enjoy it ::::::.
:iconcommentplz: QT Stamp. by Razor-Zyrak Razor stamp test one by Razor-Zyrak:iconreadplz:

Take a look at my scraps, you might find some other interesting stuff.


Razor I. Zyrak.
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Deviant since Nov 9, 2008

I'm the proud founder of :icondragonesmx:

Yo NO dibujo / I do NOT draw:

Estilo Spyro / Spyro style.
Inflación / Inflation (Podría pero no soy bueno en ello / I might but I'm not good at it)
Humanos / Humans.
Animales (Depende de lo que pueda hacer) / Animals (Depends on what I can do)
Fetiches raros / Weird fetishes.
My little pony (NOT IN THIS LIFE)
Dragones con ropa (A menos que sea anthro, aunque puedo dibujar accesorios y amuletos) / Dragons with clothing (Unless it's anthro, I can draw amulets and accesories though)


ALSO, for RP (Important)

If you want to RP with me we can, I'm not good at it but I can give it a try BUT I have a single rule, YOU control YOUR character, what happens to it, its actions and behavior and I will control MINE, what happens to it, its actions and behavior.

Paypal: se aceptan donaciones, donations are welcome.


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The balance shown above this message is not my actual balance, I accept any kind of donation, doesn't matter, I would really appreciate it, if you like my art and you'd like to support it please donate.


I only give them to my friends who need them, no offense, I am generous, just don't like random people or people who barely talks to me coming and asking me for them.

Greetings from your friend :iconrazor-zyrak: :iconr4z0r-z:.

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    Anonymous Deviant
    Donated May 24, 2016, 6:32:05 PM
I know this is the very first journal in a long time but yeah, here comes a problem I'm having and I'd like to get some feedback.

I'm being threatened by a person who  used to be my friend, this person is wanting me to take down a drawing I did as a gift for him when we were still friends and he is saying he'll give me a copyright strike with the administrators of the sites where the drawing is posteed if I don't take it down by tomorrow (besides accusing me of harassing him for some reason and also wanting to cause problems because of that). What do you think about it, is that possible?

The description of the drawing includes proper credit and I refer him as the owner of the character, it features his character and the credit goes to this person which is listed in the description of the drawing at any time. He is basically only wanting me to take it down because he seems to hate me now so, yeah XD.


He actually gave me the Copyright Strike, so yeah, the admins here are bots, be aware of that and people like him.

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Loool Youtube removed my partner program since I haven't reached 1000 subs. Definitely, this is not my week.
Merry Christmas and happy holidays, folks!
Gracias a todos por los deseos de cumpleaños.


Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.
On my last days of university. There will be delays on new art.


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Oh,look another one! (Evidence No.5) by IGNEELTHEGREAT  I just got Death threats? Seriously?………
.... I got no words to say.....
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Well, is not a death threat but just block the guy and report him
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