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Starting tomorrow, a few of my works, mainly paintings, will be habitating inside the glass cabinets of Leiden's city hall. They will be there from Monday October 8th until Thursday November 29th, you'll bump into a great deal of them when you enter the building. Feel free to take a peak, and let me know if you're in the area and would like me to be there to explain things to you, or just to hang out :D

See you there!

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After making an account here over three years ago, WimBoer finally decided to upload some work here. :woohoo:

A sort of personal mentor throuhgout my life, he's been painting and crafting away for quite some time, so expect to see work from various periods of time :) I'm sort of co-responsible for his account because his English is not the best in the world. I'll translate everything he won't understand, so do not hesitate to tell him when you like his work!

So once again, give him some love!! :heart:

.1985 by WimBoer .2008 by WimBoer .II by WimBoer .garden bench by WimBoer . -- by WimBoer

- Razz
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The last day of my first exhibition took place last Sunday, and all the pieces that were displayed have happily arrived home again.

Thank you ever so much to those that made some time to stop by, hope you had a great time and liked what you saw. And to those that will own a piece soon ~ hope you will enjoy it!

:heart: Razz
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Greetings fellow deviants!

This week is the last week of my first solo exhibition, held in Leiden, The Netherlands. You are still all invited to come and say hi and look at work, have a drink and whatnot :)

It's still open this Friday to Sunday, 1 - 6 pm. Drop me a note if you would like to meet up there. Details can be found in the following deviations

Exhibition Razkall May 6th - June 3rd by Razkall

:heart: Razz
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1. For each of the 20 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!

2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1. :iconarrogantlampshade:
Voo Doo Shop WIP by ArrogantLampShade Simpsons Meet the Terwilligers by ArrogantLampShade

Mature Content

Just Another Day by ArrogantLampShade

2. :iconafac86:
Yo? by afac86 waldi by afac86 Emociones by afac86

3. :icongale01:
Family Portrait by Gale01 Bar Background by Gale01

4. :iconaxel-will-own-you:
Melondog by Axel-will-own-you Final Commission colored by Axel-will-own-you Arrow to the knee by Axel-will-own-you

5. :iconelsakroese:
Cute little super octo by ElsaKroese Book cover 'Nergens' by ElsaKroese Punk chick- Semie final design by ElsaKroese

6. :iconskyfersspirit:
Zutra by SkyfersSpirit Waffle Fox by SkyfersSpirit Random Arcanine by SkyfersSpirit

7. :iconcapottolo:
Whale Ship by capottolo Control Position by capottolo The creation of fun by capottolo

8. :iconloko-motion:
Shaun of the Ed by Loko-Motion GIMME DA BALL by Loko-Motion Adventure Elk by Loko-Motion

9. :icontherobosaur:
Mooner by TheRobosaur Wak by TheRobosaur HupHup by TheRobosaur

10. :icontad-aster:
MY ICON by tad-aster S dump by tad-aster iNx wip by tad-aster

11. :iconemilyspektor:
Fuerza Natural by emilyspektor te espere y espere by emilyspektor geisha by emilyspektor

12. :iconicacus:


14. :iconsampsonhemp:
The Day The World BeganI remember when the world collapsed around my feet.
I remember the sun flaring like a star, the rain ceasing utterly for the last time as other stars flashed across the world.
I remember the clouds above the other cities, fungus-clouds.
I remember the tiny yellow globes of fire in the clouds that I knew were planes, but somehow… I didn't realize.
I remember the static on the screens.
I remember when even the propaganda stopped playing.
I remember the vehicles stopped in the middle of the street, with their drivers sitting at the wheels, staring at nothing in particular, blood dripping down their faces.
I remember when the explosion knocked over my house like a bully at the playground.
I remember when the strange men in odd canvas masks kicked down the doors, spraying smoke and gas and fire into buildings.
I remember when one of the strange men turned his mask in my direction, turned his muzzle as well.
I remember when the bullets hit my chest.
I remember when my head slammed into
The UnfortunatesI am the outlaw
I am the hunted man who stands outside your window peering into a normal life
I am the wanted dead or alive who is neither and both
I am the only one who knows the truth, but the law can't hear me now
I am the last one to see her alive, so it's all my doing
I am the lawless
I am the terror
I am the outlaw!
I am the freedom
I am the robber escaping the lawman
I am the bandit in dead of night
I am the murderer wiping the knife clean
I am the shadow
I am the firebrand who stands in the path of the tyrants with hearts of gold
I am the blackguard who guards the blackened traces of evil
I am the villain who dances and laughs at the plots billowing out like my cloak
I am the faithless the silent and true who never leaves the side
I am the lonely iron who keeps you at bay
I am the desperate hoping for a miracle
I am the last of my fighting, dying kind
I am the fallen the wriggling gleaming shadow
I am the fire that never can die
I am the firestorm that rages through the sky
I a
Nothing But SkyNothing but Sky
Not blue just Sky
I'm cold, crisp, clean and free
Watch the fluffy clouds skid past on me
Calm one moment then stormy the next
Changing moods quickly like all the best
Nothing but sky
Nothing but sky
Blue light quite as cold as fire
Soar on eagles' wings just a little bit higher
Lightning flashes just watch the strike
Burning your eyes just like I like
Brilliant flames twisting and gleaming
Sparkling blue is just part of the dreaming
Liquid sapphire, shattering, crackling
Gaseous fire, trickling, cackling
Panoramic view watching the land
Thinking's just maybe a little out of hand
Passionately calm, eccentrically nice
Calculating glass watching under my eyes
Humor is the first line of defense
Afterwards hiding in the shadows too dense
Faultless naiveté
Childish insecurity
Wond'ring at life
Laughing at death
Rocking and rolling
Till the very last breath
Nothing but sky
Nothing but sky
Nothing in sky
Nothing is sky
And now we come to me
Living deep in the shell

15. :iconzilcho32:

16. :iconrottenrabbitnantia:
eating watermelon by rottenrabbitnantia gorillabot scratching his chin! by rottenrabbitnantia David and the fish by rottenrabbitnantia

17. :iconprincess-suki-w:
Geisha Robot for SxMxP by Princess-Suki-W OMG Jellies in the pool by Princess-Suki-W Miss Big Bangs by Princess-Suki-W

18. :iconottoenlotte:
Otto 5 by Ottoenlotte home flopping 0094 by Ottoenlotte Otto 9 by Ottoenlotte



Facebook | inspiration tumblr | more to come soon (:

A warm welcome to all you new watchers! Glad to see so much love for animation here on dA! :heart:

Being more active here sure feels great! I managed to clear up ALL the deviation stacks and messages, (except those from august  - november last month, bit too much of a time gap) and by doing so, I have discovered tons and tons of wondeful work. Here's a small selection!

I believe I can't fly by JensBK yol by mustafaaa Armadillos are Cool by ThePaperBagArtist:thumb191096991::thumb281950275: Tree of happiness by HelaLe Mosquito cafe by Kolsga Baby Parasaurolophus by DrZime moda tepe by shucupa pineapple king by rozalek Orangy blue man by Mariezjuon Red guy driving a moped by TeijoLahtinen Se Acerca by Caruda station by tobotX UMO by thezork

Sorry to those I didn't thank personally for faves during the second half of last year! I always like to thank people by commenting on there own page, that also gives me the opportunity to discover new work (:

Up next, more animations and traditional work!

:heart: Razz
Facebook | tumblr

Time for an update, this time in the form of a feature. Here are some wonderful artists I've been admiring for quite some time, or know in real life (:

Fellow animation student of mine. She makes the most delightful characters and has mad Photoshop skills. Go on and love her like she loves Zelda
Link by Mariezjuon I AM A SUPERHERO. by Mariezjuon Herpderp? by Mariezjuon

Another fellow student, who is a master of the pentel and fineliner. Work filled with dark humor!
Harry by ArtieArie Psychedelic Machine Design 1 by ArtieArie underground by ArtieArie

Sister of my dearest friend. Work varies from hilarious comis to painstakingly detailed ink drawings. And might I add that she is very crafty as well. She deserves more recognition, folks!
Tree-lady in colours by Tamara-Hawk Mouse with go stone by Tamara-Hawk page 30 - teaser by Tamara-Hawk

Although just recently discovered, I love the work of this artist. And I hope you will too <3 So check her out!
lively dreamland by shucupa 'banakusdoluagacal' by shucupa 03_ by shucupa

I think I don't need to introduce this marvelous artist. I absolutey adore his unique style and use of colors.  
fear.not by betteo by betteo social.ramp by betteo

Only a member for a year on this site, and highly underrated. Here's hoping that will change 'cos this person is a genius <3
journey by zhongbiao Snow by zhongbiao Tree by zhongbiao

A deviant friend for many many years, I have seen this person develop a unique style that I madly love. Go see!
Epiphyte by Veleven folio- Nightlight by Veleven Mametchi 2 by Veleven

I'll have to do this kind of thing more often, such a pleasure to look back at all the wonderful work!

Here's hoping 2012 will be a FABULOUS year for you all. May all your dreams come true, and may you all create your best work yet!

Four months of hard work (believe me, I can still feel it), and I'm happy to finally share the results with you!

I've uploaded the deviation here…

If you want to look it up on Vimeo, look no further, here's the link:

I'm dying to know what you guys think of it! <3

Love, Razz

Underrated Artists

Wed Jun 4, 2008, 6:19 AM
Grab a drink and some sweets, kids. Razz is gonna tell you a story

dA is a wonderful tool for unknown artists to show off their skills. Some artists, however, are so unknown that they don't get the recognition they deserve. Here are some of the people I've added to my watchlist because they're damn good, but deserve alot more views, comments and overall praise here on dA.


jongart is a very talented all-round artist. You can easily tell that from the look of his gallery. I love how he changes his style with every new deviation he posts up here. Here are some of my favorite pieces of him:
monkey cat and mouse by jongart Factory by jongart Top down view_city by jongart

mclelun is a brilliant Flash illustrator. The excellent color combination always gives the right mood to the images. Definitely worth visiting! Some of his brilliant drawings include:
Little Match Girl by mclelun Crazy World by mclelun Thinking Outside The Box by mclelun

Hesukristo  is not afraid to color outside an outline, unlike myself. His gallery is full of powerfull drawings that explode with bright colors. Go and check him out:

ssturgeo mixes media like few do. She even uses nail polish to give her pieces the final touch. If she continues doing what she does, I'm not surprised to see her having her own exhibition in a couple of years:
escape by ssturgeo -cars- by ssturgeo take this gift by ssturgeo

littledesignshop loves his camera, no doubt about that. He has a lot of photos in his gallery that are not only pleasant to look at, some also have a deeper meaning, or even a little humor:D :
In Its Image by littledesignshop Mr Gumball by littledesignshop Obfuscation Of Time by littledesignshop

That's the feature for now! I'll feature some of my favorite, more popular artists in a next journal, which you should definitely visit :D

:popcorn:I watch them</b>:popcorn:

:ninja:They watch me</b>:ninja:

:strip:Da clubs</b>:strip:

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Grab a drink and some sweets, kids. Razz is gonna tell you a story
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