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Raz Vipertongue, Gnoll Bard



"When even the most cheerful have trouble trying to find something to laugh about, something's gone wrong".

So my GM for my Sunday night Dungeon World campaign had me join in to introduce a pal of his to tabletop gaming. As such we played a one-shot where his buddy played a Hobgoblin samurai (using the DW rules for a Fighter). The theme was that our heroes were members of a rebellion against the hobgoblin's empire. As if I needed an excuse to pull out "Number Appearing", an official supplement to play monster races in Dungeon World.

Raz herself (not to be confused with Raziya) was a shaman-in-training among her tribe. With plenty of arcane lore in memory and a mystical songbook at her disposal, she realizes that the empire's been gaining more and more magical prowess to aid in their war efforts. Knowing her people could be subjugated at any time, the aptly-named Vipertongue wound up becoming a prominent soldier in the rebellion. She met with the Hobgoblin Samurai, Sanjiro, when she ran her mouth off to the wrong person and Sanjiro decided she *wouldn't* get her ass kicked for it.

Inadvertently promoted to becoming the leader of the rebellion when their base was destroyed, Raz led Sanjiro and a few surviving scouts to a suicide mission during play. With an arcane power source in the depths of a recently-captured city, she intended to nip the empire's new power source in the bud before they could use it to unleash more spawned monsters that helped sack the rebel's home base. Her leadership led the scouts to their fate after she was knocked unconscious by an ogre in the keep's dungeon, and the henchmen lost their morale with her apparent death. Dragged by Sanjiro past a gauntlet of spiked wall traps, the two encountered a massive crystal device at the depths of the dungeon's basement.

There they fought against Nansuiro, an elite samurai who took on the title Sanjiro was to achieve. Aiding by a homunculus with arcane magic, Raz led Sanjiro to a close victory. But in the end, the attempts to destroy the arcane power source backfired and exploded. Only Raz walked out out from the pyhrric victory, covered in glowing magical radiation burns and with just 2 HP left.

While it was rough that my GM's pal had his character die on his very first tabletop RPG adventure, he seemed to have a lot of fun with it and would be up for more gaming. Playing Raz was also a ton of fun for me, as she kind of felt an apt tactician by playing support most of the game. I do enjoy playing support characters on top of finesse-based, close-range warriors, so I'm hoping I can find a place to use Vipertongue again. Besides, I think I can find ways to integrate her into Arakhavia... even if I may need to change her first name to not have an overlap with my 'sona.
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