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Hikari Katsume - Ninja OC by RaziKitsune Hikari Katsume - Ninja OC by RaziKitsune

A entry for a Naruto OC contest 2016

This design is actually based off my persona/OC. I've just re-designed her to fit into the Naruto World for this contest. Originally she is a Kitsune but since Kemonomimi like characters really don't exist in Naruto I have shifted it around to her controlling a puppet that is a fox. Which helped me create a back story to where her puppet was inspired by Naruto Uzumaki. She looks up to him in the sense. I hardly draw in this style and it took some effort to capture a similar style to the universe but I hope I did well.

Name: Hikari Katsume (Also goes by Katsu)
Birthdate: August 15th [Leo]
Gender: Female
Age: 27yrs old
Height: 162 cm
Blood type: A (-)
Occupation: Anbu Black Ops
Kekkei Genkai: Blood Release (血遁, Ketton) Not related to the Sanguis Clan
Affiliation: Konohagakure
Rank: Joonin
Ninjutsu: Puppet Master Jutsu (The fox being her puppet)
Hobby: Reading, Studying, and Sleeping

Calm and cool are two words that best describe Hikari's personality. In battle and most of the time on a mission, she keeps a cool head which makes her teammates admire her. (Declaring her the leader out of the three since graduating the Academy) However, Hikari has a violent temper once angered to a point. Despite her cold front she has a kind heart.

Background Story:
As a child Hikari was a loner, seeking fun in exploring the nature around Konoha rather then making friends. So it was no surprise really that Hikari often came off as the independent and self-confident type. Sometimes even appearing arrogant and condescending but honestly she was a kind person once someone got to know her. Generally during this it was rare for her to make friends so she often felt lonely at times when she'd notice a crowd of friends or a family having fun together.

Being raised only by her mother, due to her father dying when she was a infant on a mission and having no other siblings, made things a little hard but she stuck through. Dedicated time to the Shinobi Academy at a young age allowed her to excel pretty quickly which caused her to graduate at the age of seven, second in her class. Of course by now her closest friends were her teammates. This is where she decided to keep her relationships close: being her self near them and putting up a cold front toward anyone else.

Puppet Jutsu was her fathers preferred Ninjutsu and with this knowledge made Hikari also want to take up puppeteering. So for graduating the Academy her mother gave Hikari her first ever puppet. Just shortly after graduating though is when she became aware of her Kekkei Genkai. Surprising both her mother and herself of this deadly technique because according to her family-line they have no bloodline. In fact the Katsume family are consider 'normal shinobi's', if you don't consider them specializing in the Puppet Master Jutsu. So this made her ability a unique case to where not even her own family shared it. Of course being a user of Blood Release scared her, specially since it can be a very serious ability- can cause death- so she became self aware of her own gift to the point of practically shunning it. Instead she focused on her Taijutsu and Ninjutsu (Puppet Master Jutsu).

As the next year approached, meaning the chunnin exams around the corner, one could not help but notice Naruto and his generation becoming more and more well known. It didn't take too long for Hikari to feel a sort of admiration to Naruto Uzumaki, looking up to him. (At this point Naruto is seventeen- so roughly Shippuden era for him while Hikari is still a kid, eight, testing to be a Chuunin) Once becoming a Chunnin is the point she decided to expand her abilities and focusing on her Kekkei Genkai for a change. Taking Naruto's pride and inspiration to no longer shun her ability, realizing it was apart of her, something she needed to except and learn to control. While doing so she upped her Puppet Jutsu training.

Puppet manipulation is a hard technique to master though, not something a lot of people can do. So it took awhile for her to even get the jest of the technique to the point Hikari felt like giving up, thinking it was just not something she was capable of. Making her upset with herself more times then she'd like to admit because she wanted to be like her Father. Eventually Hikari got the hang of it while her Kekkei Genkai, Blood Release, was an entire ball game all on its own. It took being watched over by Medical-nin to make sure she wouldn't drain herself empty to really start to control this deadly ability.

By the age of sixteen is when she built her fox puppet. Learning to wield and control it as her main puppet from there on out. Of course his design was inspired by Naruto and Kurama's relationship. At this time her blood Manipulation technique is still rough around the edges but way more controllable then when she was younger. She can now control her blood outside of her body in small to medium doses. Even to the point of making the circling red clotting blood into thin sharp needle like shards in which she can aim like kunai and fire them off with decent speed. 

Once Hikari turned Twenty-Two (Naruto thirty-one) is when her fellow teammates and herself became Joonin together. This is when they decided to share the same Occupation, Anbu Black Ops, to protect their village and the Hokage even more so then what they were as a regular Genin. Since Konoha base their Anbu design around Masks she decided her mask designs would be based off her puppet. By the time Naruto himself became Hokage, roughly estimating around the age of thirty-six, Hikari had at least five years experience under her belt as a Anbu Black Ops making her Twenty-seven and pretty skilled with her current main abilities. Of course she immediately requested to be at least one of Naruto's main personal guards since she has always looked up at him as a hero.

Wooden Puppet Manipulation Technique: By placing a charm onto the puppet beforehand, Like her Fox Puppet, this technique allows her to control its movements through will alone. Alternatively, the puppet can attack the opponent on its own, though the ability to react to their opponent's movements is limited. If the puppet is thoroughly destroyed, then the technique can then be disabled.
- The fox puppets tail are weapons; being able to extend its joints in thrash around just like the Kyuubi.
- The fox puppets arms can also extent by the joints and can be used to wrap around opponents.
- The fox puppets mouth is a weapon too; it can open and chomp down.

Blood Release: Blood Release allows the user complete manipulation over their own blood; providing them with a number of benefits including utilized and manipulated outside the body. The blood circles around the user in a manner similar to Gaara's sand. Even in this state, the manipulation requires a sizable amount of Chakra to control effectively. A existing downside is that she cannot create blood, nor control the quantity of what her body produces - something that leads many to consider the Kekkei Genkai to be all but useless, as the human body would be quickly drained of blood. As a work-around, users of this Kekkei Genkai carry with them special pills that can quickly replenish their waning blood supply in battle situations.
- Also includes immunity to poisons and other such substances that target the bloodstream and a level of accelerated healing. Obviously, to heal multiple wounds, or otherwise fatal injuries, Chakra proportionate to the size of the wound is required to carry out the healing facilitated.

Taijutsu: Due to being a puppeteer Hikari has to fall back on some close range. What better then Taijutsu? Specially if things get in a serious bind. The Puppet Technique is a Short to Mid range attack so generally it is useless for up close combat. Then her Kekkei Genkai is only used for dire need, at least that is how she prefers it since using it for long term can kill her, so to better her odds in a fight she focused a portion of her time and skill into Taijutsu. As most know it is a basic form of jutsu that refers to the techniques involving the martial arts stricture or the optimization of natural human abilities. Taijutsu is executed by directly accessing the user's physical and mental energies, relying on the stamina and strength gained through training.
- Simply put; hand-to-hand combat. Though she mostly relies on a form of kapuwada more then her fists.
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YuYuAmie Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Shes very pretty! I really love her hairstyle and her mask and her fox puppet. :la: Very unique. This turned out really awesome, you're very talented! :) 
LotusSwordDancer Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2016  Hobbyist
Wow...I really like her design! I especially appreciate the fox puppet and the way it is utilized as a weapon ^^ also, the coloring and shading are very lovely~ and Hikari is beautiful. It's interesting to me that she's a faraway admirer of Naruto because you don't see that much...but I like it! It's a nice choice :w00t:
RaziKitsune Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for the comment & compliments! I'm glad that my little touch of sort of uniqueness was noticed~ Even though, as a person, I have watched Naruto before it even premiered in the USA- had a dub version, and feel that I could've drawn a character that grew up along Naruto Uzumaki pretty easily due to that (feel like I grew up with them vibe) but I decided to go a different route. This is also my very first time creating a OC for this universe, even though she's technically not *new* due to being  my persona just revamped into this scenario~  etc etc. ANYWAYS, thank you for leaving a comment! I appreciate it :D
LotusSwordDancer Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2016  Hobbyist
haha that's cool! honestly I feel like I've grown up with Naruto as well :) I started watching it when I was very young--about 8 years ago! but yes, this different route is unique :)

well it's a very good first OC for Naruto ^^ and of course, no problem! 
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