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By raziEiL

Skin features:

  • Organize up to 16 reminders
  • Quick editing
  • Easy to customize (font, color, style ...)
  • Supports English & Russian language


Особенности скина:
  • Создавайте до 16 заметок
  • Редактируйте в два клика
  • Настройте дизайн по вашему вкусу
  • Поддержка русского и английского языка

Initial release

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How can I add a new note box?

Thanks for the skin

how to add fonts and bring them up in settings?

How to add a pin to screen button?

Thanks a lot ! The ini files are well written, it wasn't too hard to customize for a non programmer like me. (Rounded edges, title alignment and text, "new note" prompt transparency).


nice, thank you, heehehe

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this is just what i was looking for!

thank you ❣ meraviglioso!!

Having an issue where if I try to edit a note I can't see the text?

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Have the same problem. Tried changing font colors because I thought that would help. Didn't :D

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Is it possible to increase the distance between the items through padding, or by adding a colour separator? I've got several items in my list and it looks like one big text wall now, I'd love something to visually break it up.

EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out! If you open your Notes.ini file, find the section [sItem] and change Y=R to Y=15R (or your number of choice, high number = more space between items). Hope this is helpful for others!

I did this, but if I change it to Y=40R I can't move it further than halfway down my screen?

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If you need it more than halfway down, you'd be better off creating a second note I think, then you can move them independently.

Thank you! Great job


Just awesome, but I need some changes though-

  1. When I add a new note, it adds on the top. How can I change it into adding a new note from below?

  2. I can add highest 26 notes, how can I change the limit?

  3. If I add a lot of notes, I cant't see the notes on below, cause it I can't scroll. Any way to change it?

Thanks in advance

Спасибо. Отличный скин!

Из пожеланий, добавить возможность создавать два/три/четыре/больше лейблов. В данный момент мне пришлось откопировать скин пять раз в папке рейнметра, чтобы создать 4-е лейбла, и один оставить про запас. Ну и менять надпись лейбла.

 I want to add a language. please.
Is there any way to make the corners rounded?
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After reading the comments and messing around with the skin myself, I found it fairly easy to change the "NOTE" text at the top, and also the "Add a new note here..." text. It's simple. Go to...

This PC > Documents > Rainmeter > Skins > Notes-pp > resources > lang_notes.cfg

Open it up with notepad or whatever text editing program, and under [StringInfo0], you'll find a string that says "String=Add a new note here..." You can change the string into whatever you want.
Similarly,  under [StringHead0], there's another string that says "String=Note". If you want it changed, go right ahead. 
Once you're done, don't forget to save the config file and refresh the Rainmeter skin. I hope this post has helped some of you out.
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This worked, thank you!

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Exactly what I needed. :)

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To echo what another person said, is there a way to change the header text where it says "NOTE"? I figured out how to shrink the header down, but I'd like to remove the word itself. 

Edit: Also, separately, in the "Color & Opacity option", the sliders don't seem to work, and when I click on the percentage itself to type in the number myself, it highlights for only a split second and is uneditable during that time frame.
Edit 2: Also, how do you go about having several notes open like in your screenshot?
Edit 3: While typing, the font color is a weird grey that doesn't appear well against any color. Changing any of the color settings doesn't seem to affect it either.
Edit 4: While Border or Shadow font effects are selected, the "Add a new note here..." text doesn't disappear, making it difficult to type anything.

I can remove the "Add..." bit as per one of your other replies, which could make it easier to type, however the font color is still nigh unreadable.

Note: I deleted and reinstalled the skin to make sure the errors weren't as a result of my editing of the original ini file, and I am still experiencing the same issues after reinstall. 
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