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So it finally had to happen then.  I basically waited this already for few years ever since all this crazy shit with the refugees started.  Was even expecting that it is either my city or Helsinki where shit will be going down.  Though I'm glad that I was wrong about somebody ramming truck into people or blows himself up at marketplace or mall.  "Only a knife massacre."  But that is enough for me to open up.  And if already feeling like this will start to sound racist then stop reading.
So far still what is known, a foreigner, confirmed btw, with a kitchen knife went apeshit at downtown here on Friday and managed to cause two people's deaths. Eight injured and some needing even emergency surgery.  Hopefully the casualties will remain as they were.  But already gets me to think when will something like this happen again here, even excusing that things like these cannot be stopped because of so many things are unsure and so overly problematic etc.
I am saying that we need to put the people under more strict monitoring and set rules more tight, the knife lunatic is only hospitalized because of being stopped by our police with a shot to the leg but definitely he should be the first one to be deported out of this country, face put into memory as well and every other information needed that he cannot ever come back.  Same should happen to every other who thinks they just can come here either to rob or rape people.  As sad as it sounds but these bad examples give me no reason to be more lenient, some fuck up so in the end everyone suffers.
As well what is known but not confirmed or we are too scared to make this into that matter, some claim they heard the lunatic shouting "allah is great" this does give me even more reason to support the instant deporting.  At least it is fast alternative to what as well could happen, in some circumstances.  Getting lynched by angry mob now.

With that said and still keeping the same tone I hope Europe begins to wake the fuck up and sees the problem we are so burying ourselves into.
As well personally, my mother happened to be at that marketplace only 30 minutes before the shit happened.  I am glad I lost nobody this time.  Thought about going downtown as well but good thing I am a night owl that wakes up late still.

Racist or not, I have my opinions still and these are said because I wish to keep at least this country safe and civilized, even if myself I have no sympathy of any kind and gladly would go medieval on that idiot's arse.  Hopefully nothing more severe like this is allowed to happen and people in charge actually learn.
I do respect other cultures, some more some less.  But when other culture won't respect mine, that definitely will bother me.

Nothing else, peace out for those who bothered to read.

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Leveled up a few days ago, 30 a big and probably somewhat meaningful number I know.  Didn't really celebrate at all though. Not even so many gifts but I guess what I received before the big day, I guess they will be useful a lot now!
Wrote more in depth my thoughts to my Facebook of it but since doing so in Finnish, most (none really) of you won't be even understanding what I'm talking about there.  But feeling like summing up somewhat more shortly here.  Did quite a bit of reflecting now to the past ten years and, sadly overall most of it has been pretty shitty if saying so directly.  Things I have not wanted to occur, did happen, some even that weren't necessary but they did anyway.

Some good things too, like meeting some really sweet people, also good to see few friendships having lasted even through all those ten years.  Was thinking if I should do a shameless namedrop but you people know who you are!  If you even happen to read this that is.  Thank you good and even very dear friends!
But to rant too, met as well more than enough various awful types, ass kissers, pretenders, backstabbers and even few utter lunatics.  Because I feel enough fed up for it.  EVERY single one of these gladly can fuck off, be gone from my life, memories and even this world.  But positive side to everything, I appreciate those who stay now even more!  I also am aware I am not the best people person, but accepting that these days and living with it.  Those who are my friends know this too and accept it.  So thank you once again!

But well why not so what I happened to get, well, bit of "bare necessities" but also overrated because of old PC happened to break down around May, it was anyway 7-years old too so just updating some parts would not have been such a good idea because tad outdated?
So here's what it comes with to satisfy some of you computer geeks hungers.
Intel i7-7700K CPU 4.20ghz
Intel Z270 Motherboard
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 10808GB GDDR5x Graphics Card
16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 2666MHz
480GB SSD + 2TB WT "regular" hard drive
ID-Cooling SE-214X, 120mm PWM CPU cooling (for most detail-hungry geeks)
Case Fractal Design Define C
OS being Windows 10 64-bit in a USB stick
And no optical drive, apparently those are more obsolete these days?

As well, got a new drawing tablet, Wacom Intuos Art Medium because old one too happened to start breaking down, not really most ideal time but hey art must go on!  I am grateful for all these and of course.  Wonderful gifts even if not totally for fun and leisure.
I really hope to keep this same motivation for art to remain, more or less and at least try to keep on practicing doing something a bit weekly at least if not daily.  Still though, considering myself as gamer first and then artist.

And of course most importantly, yeah the new rig runs DOOM on max settings so finely!

PS. Time to buy the level 40 level cap DLC in the game called Life next.
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I'm not much for journals but felt for change I could give these a try again.

So one year older and new new things to learn, I guess? Cannot exactly say I have any huge expectations for what's to come especially because of things overall aren't the best. Would say it's best to take things still one day at a time probably.
As for the birthday itself, it was a nice day overall, thanks again for all the wishes but I did not plan to celebrate really at all. Got myself at least Ratchet & Clank PS4 remake (finnished it already too) and I can say indeed that's one of the best titles released this year definitely. So indeed, a nice calm day, was in the end all that I wanted now.
Possibly I plan to do something bit more grand next year because the big 30 is coming now but I'll decide more solidly about that later.

As for anything else, well at least trying to be creative whenever inspiration allows me to but still pretty much focused on gaming. Destiny pretty much has been quite hooking and looking forward for it's newest and last? expansion.

Without anything else now then, I'll be off to Friday evening's sauna to relax and hopefully everyone's had now a good week overall and try to stay awesome!
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I have been lazy writing these journals but without any further ado.  Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope you all have peaceful time and feel happy during this time of the year! ^..^  I've already celebrated my christmas yesterday and it was indeed a good and relaxing day!
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So an internet friend needs some help desperately and probably many have heard similiar things many times over.  So enough excuses and here.…
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I just came from sauna some time ago and I am so very goddamn annoyed!
Housing manager had his turn next and I was bit overtime only because I now was washing shampoo off from my hair.
This guy begins yelling to me and threatens to cancel even my sauna use because of this so told some rude things back at him and he went silent on me after that.

In dressing room I notice that it was only THREE minutes overtime!  What a F*****G JERK!
No need to start yelling from something like that he still had 57 minutes to use from his turn!
Don't think he even spends all time there -..-

I think he should pull that steel pole out from his ass and try using something more proper like normal people would do.

But its time to cool down now, and I want to remind you all from the weekly prayer that is in my previous journal entry ^^…
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Grant me strength to accept things I am not able to change,
bravery to change things that I am not able accept,
and wisdom to hide those people's spiritual bodies,
that I have slain today by fucking about them,
because they have annoyed me.

And also help me to be careful about stepping on other people's toes,
because it might be, that those toes might be connected to an ass,
that I might have to lick tomorrow.

Help me always to give a 100% labor input
12% on Monday
23% on Tuesday
40% on Wednesday
20% on Thursday
5% on Friday

And help me to remember...
That when I have a really bad day
and it looks like that all people
are only trying to f**k with me,
I need 42 muscles muscles to frown
and only 4 muscles to extend
my middlefinger and to tell them to fuck off! ^..^
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Took this from :iconwillgon:  So answer to the questions shown below and copy to your own journal then for that I might do it to you XP  MAYBE! XD

What if?~
● I died:
● I kissed you:
● I fell:
● I lived next door to you:
● I showed up at your house unexpectedly:
● I stole something:
● I was murdered:
● I cried:
● I asked you to marry me:
● I was hospitalized:

~Would you~
● Trust me enough to sleep in the same bed as me?:
● Keep a secret if i told you one?:
● Hold my hand?:
● Study with me?:
● Cook for me?:
● Love me?:
● Date me?:
● Have sex with me?:

~More ~

● When and how did we meet?:
● Describe me in three words:
● What was your first impression of me?:
● What do you think of me now?:
● What reminds you of me?:
● Could you see us together forever?:
● Whens the last time you saw me?:
● Are you gonna re-post this to see what I say about you?:
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I haven't cared to update journal because I can be so lazy at doing things.  Well, I haven't felt I can update anything interesting here either ^..^"

So new year has come and new things with it too!  I want to say at least that I have now gotten myself a better graphics tablet, Wacom Pen & Touch Medium.  It's working great and I have doodled already with few artworks with Photoshop CS4.  What I still should practice is doing the shading at least.  Well, I bit think that my lineart is wayyy too thick at times or...  Judge yourself whoever cares about that.
Hopefully I will upload more art now that actually goes to my gallery and not into the scrap book, Perhaps I try bit changing my DA gallery too.  Well if I can because I am not gonna start paying to have some fancy extras here for myself heh.

Other than that I'm still having several (more or less) interesting games to play!  Would be nice maybe to get buddies too that like to play Co-op games on Xbox Live!  I got PC too but sorry people, It's REALLY a pile of scrap metal now.  Not literally.  Basically biggest problem besides again, what's working and whats not is that I cannot even access to Windows!  Stupid comp keeps repeating the start up over and over!  And I don't have money now to get new one, ENTIRELY NEW.  I am not going to buy just few parts now and wait that something goes again...  I'm simply fed up with that shit ;)

Well, I don't know what to say anymore here heh.  I guess I'm all out of stuff to tell.  So that's all folks!  Have fun on 2010!!!
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:iconmalystrx: tagged me with this.

Answer all questions and tag three or more people

I am about 178cm tall, and weight bit depends IF I go to gym or not. X3
Also my eye color is brown I guess but it does seem like there is tone of green there for some reason.
Got two ear rings in my right ear.
Preferring also to have my hair short but not too short.
Clothes I wear are mostly black or dark grey, I prefer bit more tight jeans with a belt included.  I can't just stand loose clothes on me, heh. ^_^"  But I might make small exceptions such as having dark blue jeans, OR even a YELLOW t-shirt, I got ONE! :D
During winter or cold days I also prefer wearing modern wool shirts, with zipper on them in the middle and also a black leather jacket if it gets very cold.
I also like to wear combat boots of my liking I haven't really worn sneakers of any kind for many years...

I like mostly to eat ryebread if anything because it just tastes good XP and I am more into eating foods with meat.  I am not a big salad fan but I have liked one type of chicken salad I liked >_>  I also seem to enjoy caffeine drinks quite a lot, coffee with milk goes to me mostly now...  
Things I do;
Playing games is my favorite past time mostly.  I also read a good book if I find one.  This far only Forgotten Realms books have been interesting.  At times I also take my systems camera and do amateur photographing.
Also buying/getting DVD movies and soundtrack CD's is my interest and some figurine collecting, mostly its dragons I collect.
Drawing/illustrating of dragons and anthros is fun too (anatomy is hard still) and writing about my story ideas or about my world too.
I also value true frienships and hope that respect will be both-sided in friendship...

Married? No.
Kids? No.
Pets? Cat, really cute one!
Sisters or brothers? From dad's side a brother, from mother side a sister.
Mother and father? Mother only, my dad has passed away.

Cat or dog?
Well I might like BOTH if they get along!

Fancy or casual?
Bit fancy but I am not over-stylish.  I like to keep it down.

Computer or TV?
I like both actually.

Second language?
English really but school made me to study some swedish XP  I have more plans for languages too...

Lived in another state?
Nope never.  I even haven't moved out from my neighborhood!

Still unemployed, SOMEBODY HIRE ME!!!! *Works for money*

Anything else about yourself?
Well THAT's a secret! X3 I tell only if you are close friend...  If you betray me I am forced to kill you >X3  Or somebody else will...

Now tag three or more people:
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Well yet another year has gone and passed.  What an awesome year 2008 was then indeed!  Among with... FEW unfortunate events that sadly involve some annoying people to deal with too... *sigh*

Mostly I have spent time though playing games, but awesome and long-waited titles such as Fallout 3 on Xbox 360 that finally came, closing chapter to new Tomb Raider series was epic adventure too and surprisingly more plot-involving Gears of War 2.  Also maybe most scaring title was Dead Space, it got me so much on my toes I got startled of player's shadow for a few times, haha!

Many great movies came too, well mostly now saying about superhero movies...  Dark Knight, Iron Man and Incredible Hulk of which I went to see Iron Man and Dark Knight in the movie theatre.  Good memories of them both too. among many other interesting movies on DVD that I keep "collecting"...

But some shits, sadly...  I also have been betrayed by some people of whom I thought to be more of a friends to me...  But they weren't...  This one guy, never replying anything I say, never talking to me about anything, always his attention on everything else.  It really stings like hell also because HE did say that we were "best friends"...  Some friendship indeed.  More yet, this guy's apparently so much of a pussy that he actually listens to all idiots around him who keep telling him to stay away from me.  He then is apparently so feeble-minded that he actually listens to them!  Oh well, :icongrathiam: life's such a bitch on ya...

But moving on!  Bit about major misshaps too, for instance my PC again started acting up almost like it wants to, works if it wants XP I cannot watch really any videos, or play games either.  The screen begins to go on and off and also comp freezes then.  I should maybe just reinstall Windows but I turned out to be so lucky that I broke my DVD drive so...  That's it from fixing it!  And it's still unfixed...  Maybe soon I get this thing running better again...

About Machintos laptop of mine too, it was taken to be repaired almost anyway possible...  It turned out really to be question about money then and was it really worth it...  Good thing is my mac had really nothing else serious except the cable that goes to it's screen.  It might be damaged and sooner or later it will die out permanently, so its goodbye for that thing then.
Well I am having new Mac laptop, even more new model that came out just in the last year's autumn!  How nice is that!  Much faster and... Better... Kinda, well if ONE key breaks, on its keyboard.  That's already about 500 euros repairs!  Simply because on this new one, it's now all one big circuit board, that's what they said in store and it all has to be changed then if only one tiny thing might break up.  Well I am not gonna be sceptical that i trash it up!  No need to anyway...

Well also about music, I started kind of to quit downloading songs and began buying the music I so much love on actual CD's.  in few short months I managed to get about 16 Soundtracks already!  Most of them are slightly hard to get because of my taste, which is into game musics.  And I am not stopping yet at all, I am already now waiting to get 5 sets of soundtracks more now! XD
But it's not just game music btw, some movie soundtracks are awesome stuff too.

Maybe last thing then, well 'sadly' I did not get much creative on 2008 as I excpected, but I should be glad actually that I did sketch out some things, and even actually inked and somewhat colored them too!  Also my writings had not proceeded much anywhere, but I did type few bit of things there and there at least, so all did not go in vain :)  I just have to be glad about all I do, and hopefully on 2009 I do even more!

Very much thanks to few good friends of mine that have stayed around... And have not gone anywhere... yet at least heh...
:iconzuhna: from being around and talking this and that, keep up the good work!  Good modeller and photoeditor...  Draw less scary christmas picture next year though XD
:iconposeidonsimons: A long-time, long-distance friend over the net with whom I share apparently all of my creative ideas.  Your arts inspired me years ago like lighting out of the blue sky.  Good and cute artist and awesome photographer.
:iconreptilecynrik: A good friend through a rough start, and even better friend who helped me also to grow spiritually.  Awesome artist having also inspirational ideas.  Most of all, wonderful, rare friend...
:iconlarom:  A nice but hard-to-reach friendly personality.  Good and open-minded person with interesting personality. 'Less talking more doing!' I felt he does deserve my thanks, though I am bit afraid still we might stop talking to eachother...
:iconnulizz:  A new nice personality and interesting creative works maker.  Thanks Nulizz that you have been around and cared to talk, it's hard to find nice people these days :)

Well this was about it, sorry if I left somebody out from reason or another.  I hope you all had interesting year and best wishes for 2009 that it'll be even better! Bais 'till next entry, art posting or commenting!
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Grathiam had an interesting tag and since it was basically an invitation, here goes...

Simple rules: You don't need to tag anyone, but you're more than welcome to. Do as many characters for this tag as you like, but only do as many as you think you can handle. Have the characters tell the truth. Most important of all, have lots of fun! ^__^ Oh, and before I forget, you don't have to do any question after seven. You certainly can if you WANT to, but only if you want to. Those are all optional.

I found somewhat interesting interviewables...


They are anthromorphic Dragons with each more or less knowing what goes on with pretty much about... Who knows!

1) Hi! We've probably never met before, so, I'm curious…what's your name?

Kiana: Well...  It's... Kiana, I've not heard though really of many others around, is my name rare?

Benjamin: It's Benjamin, Ben for friends.  Wanna be my friend??

Carmen: Carmen, and you better remember that...  I won't bother to repeat myself...

Darion: Yo! The Name's Darion, Dar for short, with one or two r's dude!

Natalia: Hi I'm Natalia, don't worry this'll go all right.

2) Well, it's certainly a pleasure to meet you! Now…any of you already know each other?

Kiana: Ahem...  Actually I know everyone else...  Were... siblings...

Benjamin: You must be joking!  I know these people like my own pockets!  Hey how did the frog get in there...?

Carmen: Course I know these people, as much I hate to admit it with some parts, we are family-related...

Darion: What sort of question is that!  These all are my family!  Hehehe...  I knew the frog was useful...

Natalia: Please forgive my brother, he cannot help himself at times.

3) I see! Well then, let's find out how well you'd all work together, shall we? If you were all on the same team in some sort of sport, where would you be on the team, and what sport do you think you'd be playing?

Kiana: Umm...  I never was good in sports...  What's that thing called...  Maybe 'soccer'?

Benjamin: I heard of this cool thing, called rugby, you get to tackle others and the ball is carried in your hands...  And... Stuff...

Carmen: Rugby?  I dunno about it but tackling...  Shame that Dar then has to be on same team...  Can we put him against us?  Please say it can be done...

Darion: I KNOW!  This thing called BASKETBALL!  I saw this cool move called "DUNK" it seemed SWEET! Ohh yeah...

Natalia: Sports?  Why can't it include something more silent like library and lots of interesting books?  Or shopping mall?!  How about something about huge shopping spree?  That would be great!

4) Sounds fun! Do you have any sort of interesting talents?

Kiana: Talents umm...  I can... Turn into.. My animal form?

Benjamin: Talent's umm... Let me think a while?  Is the 'removable finger' a talent?

Carmen:  Listening to these two idiot boys' babbling?  Sure I do, I can listen for hours before I want to smash their snouts to wall...

Darion:  Hey! We can do more than that We can move in t...

Natalia: DAR SHUSH!  Sorry, my brother has weird ideas.  Yes we can move in TOMORROW...  No further comment!

5) Cool! Ever been somewhere really interesting?

Kiana:  Umm...  I once...  I was with...  I went to the mountain tops once, skiing vacation...

Benjamin:  Me too, But I did this... Snowboarding, with my daugher, no she is not around now, she has a boyfriend.

Carmen: I came out of my room to be interviewed with these boring questions... *yawn*

Darion:  Aww guys! We did go to that other...

Natalia: DAR SHUT UP!  Ehm sorry my outburst, my brother is starting to give me a headache...  Yes we TOGETHER went to this seaside holiday resort too, emm surfing is.. Kool?

6) Well then, that IS interesting! Hey, if you could have anything you wanted, what would it be?

Kiana: I wish I could already be with my... *daydreams*

Benjamin: I'd want something so cool... *silence* ...Lil' sis put me to think...  I actually want my little girl to be safe and sound, with that guy he's with.

Carmen: At times I do wish I could shut up everyone around me at my own will...  Especially bros...

Darion:  What I would like... CHOCOLATE! LOT OF IT! Like ton NO! TWO TONS!

Natalia: Uuugh...  I start to wish the same as Carmen does...

Carmen: Thanks, I do hope that OUR wish comes true... someday.

7) Really? I wonder what I would wish for…anyway, I'm running out of ideas for questions, so I guess this is the last one. Anything you want to say to the people reading this?

Kiana: Umm Hi, I mean bye.  It was fun to be here.

Benjamin: I hope you guys enjoyed and this guy says adios!

Carmen: Finally, my rear was starting to get numb... Enjoy of this complete waste of time...

Darion: Yo yo bye bye and have a good future yo all, Byes says the D-man.

Natalia: It was fun to stop for a while and do something bit different, byes people!

8) Ha! Tricked you! I'm not done yet!

Kiana: Wha... Huh what does this mean?!

Benjamin: Ahh... Just when I thought I'm off to...

Carmen: Somebody give me something to kill...

Darion: Wha huh? You said whatwhenwhere?

Natalia: Umm, okey?  I guess I go on then?

9) Hey, Everyone else always seems to end their interviews that way! I wanted to try something different!

Kiana: Umm OK so you got my by surprise.

Benjamin: Wow, the fooler got fooled...

Carmen: Maybe you should think again because I am starting to get annoyed... VERY annoyed...

Darion:  Ookays so come on come on come ooon keep asking from Darrrr!

Natalia: Well you sure did surprise me too.

10) But I'm tired of seeing everything always end the same! You can't blame me for that, can you?

Kiana:  Well I guess that doing something different is good at times?

Benjamin: Hey what sort of question was that now?  This is starting to become more like a chatter...

Carmen:  At times somethings should REMAIN AS THE SAME...

Darion: Nope I can't blame you, I can't either blame myself to be SOOO good-looking, eh?

Natalia:  Right on that, so what next then?

11) Well fine! You want everything to be the same? FINE! We can have the mushy, happy, flowery ending that everyone else always has!

Kiana: Hey you don't have to get annoyed, sorry from being here...

Benjamin: Awesome, one big happy ending!  Let's ride to the sunrise!

Carmen: Yeah, good ending that could come... HOW ABOUT NOW!?!?

Darion: Awesome! Ben speaks right stuff for a change. Tally ho anyone?!

Natalia: I'm starting to feel like somebody would have a sugar rush...  Can we end this soon so that we can have it checked?

12) But not yet.

Kiana: Huh, excuse me what?

Benjamin: What the heck ya mean?

Carmen: You are this close of getting your ass handed to you...

Darion: Thou speaketh in unknown tongue for Darr.

Natalia: Not yet? what next?

13) Hey, I've been picked on plenty! This is my only chance to get back! I need some revenge now and again! What's wrong with making a few people look silly? Everyone always did that to me!


14) You're not talking to me now, are you?


Carmen: I'm gonna count to ten...

15) Well fine! We'll see how you like it! To end this interview, you have to do one of two things. Either stand on your head, spin around until you're too dizzy to get up without throwing up, and then paint a clown face on yourself and do the Macarena. Or tell me you're sorry. This thing won't end until one of those two things happens.


Carmen: Sorry but I found only HOT TAR and FEATHERS...

Darion: Carmen... Umm are you going to...  You know... On me?

Carmen: Nohooo dear brother... Not you... THAT GUY!!!

Me:  Um, hey, I was joking!

Carmen: So are we, joke's on you human!

Me: Hey come on NONONONO!  Just leave already I didn't even make this tag!

Carmen: Oh really...  Who did...?


Carmen: John... John John John...  Ah that guy...

Me: Phew...  Umm... I'm off now...

Carmen: HOLD IT!!!  There's plenty enough for you BOTH!


(End of entry)

Everyone can do this if they want to? Okeys?  Thanks Grathiam!
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Though I still crush and break stuff randomly at times, from reason or other that it happens and then ends up pissing me off, and all those people who act like pissheads and also bring me feeling down...  It's good to say that I again have slowly am getting into something I like to do and it makes me feel good about myself and my life in general.

Going to the gym, the place I visit is bit costing and I've heard its "overfilled" with people but I apparently go on perfect time when everyone else still are at work.  I like it there, lifting those weights and putting that strain on my muscles.  I used to do it years ago but all that was gained is now lost, shame.  But I hopefully do get it all back and keep it that way, heh.

Hopefully this also helps me to be more motivated towards drawing and writing things, but writing is now on hiatus because my laptop is being repaired, I prefer to write the stuff on it.
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Okeys, new week with new gags is coming up and indeed...  I took my Machintos laptop to be fixed to a store that is specialized in this stuff...  After telling all the things that are wrong with it...  I got to hear how much it all MIGHT pay, about 700 EUROS!  Oooh great, the repairman also was suggesting that it also might be better to buy a new Mac, which would cost now about 1800.  I really need some time to think this stuff, bleh.

My PC is still screwed up and nothing has been done to it either but I can use it somewhat, God have mercy on my wallet when it's time to get repaired comes...

Besides that and some people that keep bothering and ignoring me with their annoying behavior and attitude, things aren't that bad really.  Anyways would be cool to get some Xbox Live friends too...
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  • Drinking: COFFEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's right, it is a short, modern-day saying in Finland, usually spoken in when in stressful situation or something totally blows to crap in your hands.  Like now it has again happened to me.

Ja vitut! Indeed!  My computers here have been getting bit awkward to use for reason or another, just recently, some... Weeks ago already I noticed that my Machintos laptop's mouse ain't so responding at all, it has gone into down-pressed state and might even be left like that! Oh geez great.  That makes the computer use almost totally impossible.
That is not all that has happened to it though, It has a tiny dent on the keyboard part that came in an unfortunate tiny accidental incident, and I even spilled a bit SODA DRINK on this comp!  That almost gave me a heart attack when it happened, miracle is that this little bastard didn't die out on me...  How strange but fortunate, or that happens too much in TV as always.

Like things could not be more shitty, of course also my PC is starting to be a real shitpile on me again.  That old harm-causing bastard this time has been slowing down like hell again, and this time it also shows unwanted, different color pixels on screen, sheez, and it seems to be increasing!  Just recently the screen has gone black for few times too!  I cannot say if the fault is in graphics card or its drivers or is my stupid comp screen dying out on me!?  Bleh with this all... No, Ja vitut I say!

But on top of all that, I just today have broken PC's DVD Drive!  I had left it pointing outside after making a back-up DVD disc full of useful stuff I need later on...  As I returned to sit down on chair I accidentally hit the opened drive with my SHOULDER!  Wham and there it went!  Now I cannot close NOR open it...  How swell...

Oh and it's also a bitch to reinstall the Windows I use on PC...  I just see it to be SO over-frustrating!  First some hour of formatting the hard drive, then installind the Windows, THEN after that, a shitload of drivers need to be put in that every tiny bit of that crap gets to work.  And then all the other programs and finally the least important, in a way, games I want to play sooner or later.  That will eat entire day from me every time I do it and even IF I would have to do it only ONCE A YEAR...  I really do get all bleh about this.

So, I here by announce this day to be JA VITUT-day!
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  • Drinking: Milk and coffee, AFTER i wake up...
Decided to add at least this here since I haven't gotten even to upload anything.

The past two weeks and bit more back then...  Have been more or less interesting time more or less.  My sister and her kid came to visit though for two weeks and just have left.  Before it was that I had more or less serious fight with sister and even something with her kid!  Oh geez, but now its different we got along fine again, it has started to go better these days with those two.

Sister brought also 4 of their Xbox 360 games that I tried out more or less...  And I got good laughs about Kameo, sister could not beat the first boss in game (mini boss actually) and then I go and play entire game through in some 3 days!  She called me shithead from that :D I really had laughs out of that, another came from that I also did same with Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix...  Was worth another good laughs  that I had when I told sis and she got annoyed at me.

I let my niece to play on my games that she saw interesting and watch some DVDs too, I guess she wasnt so bored.  Bit annoying was that sister kept occupying my PC and was using it to play Second Life.  But since my comp has some "tiny issues" such as it slows down a lot etc (Reinstalling Windows would be good but I cannot care now) She crashed my PC even few times with blue screen! hehe...

Shame though, those two didnt stay here much since our grandfather so badly wanted them to be with him...  Sadly I must say I cannot like him really, he is way over my standing.  Always complaining what others do and keeps on insulting pretty much EVERYONE from EVERYTHING.  Its bit hard being around with him without getting annoyed too much.

Anyways I've been having kind of fun, sister even let me have some of the games for myself that she brought, I guess I visit Gamestop soon to give in a game or two.
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Life has been bit piece of crapcake because of a buddy of mine who has hard time to contact me, it had bit left me to think a bit about that if he had ditched me from his life, even after every promise he had given about staying as buddies.  What makes it worse in a way happens to be that I indeed am fond of the guy...  Nope just FRIENDS that is it.

But I got lucky and had a chance to get chat with him finally then, we got several problematic things like time difference, friend is lacking his own comp, his lack of free time also and...  Well said straight, his parents are purely assholes.

Those two are trying to keep my friend away from me without letting him to have any single contact to me.  When he uses the comp those two even breath at his neck looking everything he does on comp and he cannot even give a single comment to my DA postings!  What a bunch of NAZIS!

Sadly I even fear that my friend might get brainwashed by those totally in some part, he just does not have any choice of saying something back or they probably kick his ass around the entire house and probably neighborhood too...

For some reason I dont even wonder if they would be checking what I am doing here at least too...  Well if they see this...  Only thing I am gonna be sorry about is that I cannot leave my friend behind and will keep talking to him even if he wont be responding.  So sue me people, that's your own funeral then V_v
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Don't really care if anyone bothers to read here but I am typing it out of boredom...

Yeah I haven't really updated this because I've also had nothing to post here really, but I bit feel like giving out something, ACTUALLY deviation or TWO finally! Woooow...  

I just have been putting lot of stuff into scraps because of feeling they arent ready so thats why they are there so PUHLEAAASE people check the scraps, who knows what treasures you can find XP

Life has been a breeze, expect for meeting backstabbing assholes again...  Well I've let them to hear peace of my mind and also it is so sad how cruel place the world is.  Some people have been trying to keep a friend away from me and apparently they succeeded to brainwash the poor bastard...  I cut off with that guy because of not speaking to me NOT ONE BIT and it will also stay that way until this one gets some backbone to talk back actually.

That might have sounded cruel but thats just how it really is, I just cannot stand some pathetic people who cannot live their life to the fullest and deny things only because of something else says it is not right.  Screw such and do live as you want it to be right! Okey dokey?

Anyway just like said...  I have not been much creative, games do eat most of my time because of being just TOO interesting, most recent purchade has been Ninja Gaiden II at though it was buggy, it has been one awesome experience!
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Wow it has really been ages since I actually cared to associate more in DA than finding some pics that might...  Oh well I guess this goes too private...

Well honestly I just have not cared a shit about DA and it's stuff, there happens to be around, not so much hopefully anymore, some uncomfortable people who are plainly asses in life.  They happen to hang around in DA too and encountering them...  Well has kinda decreased my interest of coming to this craphole and see the people around with their doodles, these days really, I don't care.  I have also been not really sketching because there is around nobody interestin enough to get me inspired to do anything creative.

But well I've had nice time people!  Been sittin' here around, playing my games and getting them even more to play them, some even to play later because I can play only one at time. Especially since I did finish my school finally at LAST YEAR'S autumn, I've been just enjoying all the time now that I can have but, some mean people already are trying to get me to have some kind of a JOB! Excuse me but serious problem is, I cannot even think about that option!

So I've ended up telling them to screw themselves and that I will get to that later sometime. But I still want to enjoy of this free time I can have...  I might though go to an evening high school.  I think I want to get also a high school papers of some kind that might work even better if I might want to go to university...  Oh but then I might aswell be in my 30's....  Ah well things happen' people!

Anyway just to tell at least now why I have not cared to visit around really.  But I also hope that my motivation stays...  It seems fragile, I got some BRILLIANT sketches here being made and even inked and colored!  I've gotten them also to be so damn good because of my school's ending exam project, Light table!  I would have never gotten them to be as good as they are now!

But also.... Big thank yous to my gone but not forgotten classmate who gave the idea to make a light table and also majorly helped in it's making...  I owe a lot somebody to whom I can never repay....

Ah and.... If it might turn out that I will not care to add anything here or not to visit this awful place really... SEE YOU NEXT YEAR PEOPLE! Or somethin'....
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