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Laurentius and his horse
Not a dragon this time but a rhino.  Laurentius, a knight and son from influential upper class family of his native shown on his travels. Having come off from his horseback because possibly somebody, very likely overly confident as well, has decided to challenge him to a battle.  Laurentius being usually rather fair agrees to fight on equal grounds unless then the battle is turned against him. Though being a warrior race he might still consider taking down his enemies instead of fleeing the battle.
Fair and just he seeks to do what is right, having dislikes for corruption and foul play of any kind.  But unless situation becomes most dire he might resort to underhanded move as well if it will benefit him and those he cares about, and getting back at those that act with wicked intentions.
Though it may seem he lives glorious life, Laurentius' life even at homeland is not without it's troubles, feeling he still lives in his father's shadow. Laurentius is trying to become something worthy of his own, this is because he has been feeling his father has raised him more to become a soldier than simply like a father who truly would care for his family.
Lars on horse sketch
Some more sketches to show, this time again more of the new guy, but personally already very wonderful character, Lars, short of Laurentius riding on his trusty war horse.  I really like how this turned out but I had quite a good reference, thought of doing something like this for a while anyway.  Of course, good practice too, hopefully I will be doing lot more of something similar in the future as well.
Dream Unicorn Razen's Vision
Related, in ways again hard to comprehend for some, here is how I see Dream to be, many other names for him and Death go as well.  Overall simply liking the thought of some ancient being out there, watching and having power over whatever one may dream about.  Where they came from and how, who knows?  Perhaps we gave them the form to exist.
Unicorn Death Razen's Vision
Got around to work on now something deeper and mystical, perhaps even near-impossible in the end to comprehend!

Here's line art, perhaps finished of which I am not sure still...  Of Death, this is how I see Death being in my mind, unicorns are after all very magical beings.  If being more curious, read, do not check, READ, Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics for this one.
Shameless namedrop and promotion intended.  Kudos to Mr. Gaiman of course for creating something so brilliant!


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So it finally had to happen then.  I basically waited this already for few years ever since all this crazy shit with the refugees started.  Was even expecting that it is either my city or Helsinki where shit will be going down.  Though I'm glad that I was wrong about somebody ramming truck into people or blows himself up at marketplace or mall.  "Only a knife massacre."  But that is enough for me to open up.  And if already feeling like this will start to sound racist then stop reading.
So far still what is known, a foreigner, confirmed btw, with a kitchen knife went apeshit at downtown here on Friday and managed to cause two people's deaths. Eight injured and some needing even emergency surgery.  Hopefully the casualties will remain as they were.  But already gets me to think when will something like this happen again here, even excusing that things like these cannot be stopped because of so many things are unsure and so overly problematic etc.
I am saying that we need to put the people under more strict monitoring and set rules more tight, the knife lunatic is only hospitalized because of being stopped by our police with a shot to the leg but definitely he should be the first one to be deported out of this country, face put into memory as well and every other information needed that he cannot ever come back.  Same should happen to every other who thinks they just can come here either to rob or rape people.  As sad as it sounds but these bad examples give me no reason to be more lenient, some fuck up so in the end everyone suffers.
As well what is known but not confirmed or we are too scared to make this into that matter, some claim they heard the lunatic shouting "allah is great" this does give me even more reason to support the instant deporting.  At least it is fast alternative to what as well could happen, in some circumstances.  Getting lynched by angry mob now.

With that said and still keeping the same tone I hope Europe begins to wake the fuck up and sees the problem we are so burying ourselves into.
As well personally, my mother happened to be at that marketplace only 30 minutes before the shit happened.  I am glad I lost nobody this time.  Thought about going downtown as well but good thing I am a night owl that wakes up late still.

Racist or not, I have my opinions still and these are said because I wish to keep at least this country safe and civilized, even if myself I have no sympathy of any kind and gladly would go medieval on that idiot's arse.  Hopefully nothing more severe like this is allowed to happen and people in charge actually learn.
I do respect other cultures, some more some less.  But when other culture won't respect mine, that definitely will bother me.

Nothing else, peace out for those who bothered to read.

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