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Paladin of St. Cuthbert

By Razeil753
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This is a drawing of another D&D character. He's a Paladin of St. Cuthbert and an enforcer of the law. He's an asimar (an outer plain being) who was sent to the Earth plain by a demonic demigod to keep him from wrecking the evil demigod's plans. He's holding the Book of Judgement which was given to him by St. Cuthbert himself so that he may battle the worshipers of the evil demigod on other plains. If the Paladin brings judgement to the wicked ones whos names are burned into the book he may find a way to return to his home plain.
It's complecated.....I'm so nerdy I know!
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OberstJurtenHobbyist General Artist
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tekmechHobbyist General Artist
This is probably old but I have to say I love this
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KreepingSpawnProfessional Traditional Artist
Solid character design.  I like the gesture of his stance and the book.
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Awesome looking character, very cool style and armour.
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JacoooifyHobbyist Writer
Very very awesome.
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I feel D&D soul -w- so cool.
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FernschzetHobbyist Writer
You're not nerdy. Just enlightened.
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Well I'd say both, but there's nothing wrong with being nerdy lol!
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nice back story and charter design.
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Nerdy? Never!
You are speaking my language!
GREAT pic! :)
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Isn´t this for The Temple of elemental evil ??? There is st. Cuthbert.
Btw. great sketch. Love it
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Very awsome! I like the peice, epecially the way you've weighted the cloth under the armor in their over lapping order. I want to be able to draw like this in my future just haven't had much time with school and all. My Art class is more about doing still lifes and such. Only a few things have had a positive effect on my drawing (which was prospective), everything else has been on different styles of 2D art.
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Thank you very much! Still life drawing is very important also figure drawing as well!
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jeanwilcox51 Traditional Artist
this is excellent
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Love the story! Very cool character and design! D&D rocks!
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Haha Thank you!
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You're very welcome.
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Awesome work. =)
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hi, really like this picture, you're really got a strong feel of the weight of fabrics and belts etc. in this, the attention to detail is really good, amazing for something from your head! really nice clean drawing style too, overall very crisp. Great!
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thanks alot! Thank you for commenting on specific qualities of the piece.....not just the typical "Awsome! Cool!" Thanks again!
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