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Time passes so freaking quickly, I remember writing the 2009 "to do list" as if it was yesterday.
As for the year 2010 I am not sure I know what I want, I guess I wanna surprise myself :)

But there are some major issues I should look into like :
1. Eat healthy food
2. Exercise
3. Take care of my skin and hair
4. Look into getting laser eye surgery
5. Learn another language
6. Save money
7. Stop buying things I don't need
8. Control what I say to prevent envy
9. Buy a new car
10. Write a story book
11. Travel more
12. Enjoy Life More
13. Reduce Stress
14. become more cost-effective
15. I will try to drive closer to the speed limit and respect traffic regulations
16. I will not bore my boss by with the same excuse for taking leaves. I will think of some more & new excuses
17. I shouldn't worry so much
18. Either do yoga or learn how to meditate

This was my 2009 "to do list" :

1. Try to relax more often - x not really

2. Forget about marriage concentrate on school - x not somehow

3. Save money and stop shopping - x hahahahah never can happen
4. Have a full body physical - x no time

5. Make more time for my friends - :) defiantly

6. Take vitamins (subscribed by a doctor) :) done

7. Cut off some bad habits like (Pepsi, ships, eating quickly "as if we are running out of food", criticizing, buying so many unneeded stuff, and stop making overseas calls) x & :) on and off
8. Clean out my closet (give away clothes to charity) - :) ehhh kinda
9. Move out my bedroom + redesign my bedroom (makeover) -x : (

10. Make my sister take her driver's license - :) finally

11. Give a training course - :) greatest accomplishment ever

12. Print my portfolio or my brochure and my corporate identity - x why print when you can show it online

13. Stop being Stubborn (which will be hard) - x neverrrrrrrrrrr
14. Stay during family discussions (full time) - x I finally said to my family accept me the way I am !15. upgrade my website (create an easier navigation system) - x



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