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Fastest. Pack. Ever.

Edit: been through and fixed all the aspect ratio fixing i missed.
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Comments (10)
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Vreic|Student Interface Designer
Excellent you preset. ___[[=o___o=]]___
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The Tunnel and The Headfuck...
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VHS-Guri| Traditional Artist
Thoose intro just kiled me =P. Your skills is amazing mate keep it up I love watching your work ;)
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My Favourite is:
-The Pods
-The Speaker
-The Panel
-Red Green Blue
-Molten Circuiry
-Token Cube Preset (Best Preset!)

Fav+ now
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Amazing pack. Love how they are all the reactive and fast, but you also managed to squeeze in some very interesting new ideas.

Some favourites:

The Pods
Im glad you didn't mess this one up with the background, which usually is the hardest part for these kind of presets. Very nice work and glad to be of inspiration :p

The Flowers
Lovely effect work in... work :O_o: here. No, really i like this loads even though the reactions are hard to follow unless you know what you're looking for ;)

Molten Circuitry
Great effect work, just wish i could change the speed of the movement easily, because i think it needs a nudge of that.

The Room
Bold colors, smooth clean renders and of course spectrum bar analyzers, what's not to like? :)

Difficult preset, don't know is it going up or down :confused: Also the side movement is a bit too speedy at times (or is that intended, so it "swooshes" around?). But im a spectrum junkie, so i like it ;)

The Speaker
Best preset in the pack, simply enough said. Great colors and effects combined with sound reactive goodness means you win sir, you win :salute:

The Headfuck
These perspective-depth-illusion-thingmajingers are headfucking already and you just pushed it further. Great work :thumbsup:

The Orbs
Yeah, i've seen that photoshop filter beaten to death in images, but in AVS it looks fresh and interesting, not to mention very very cool. Good stuff man.

The Panel
Fresh design, cool reactions and good color scheme, me likey :hump:

Red Green Blue
Cube spectrum made solid :p
Solid work (pun intented) and i like that outline on-beat trick makes it look new. Another injection for the spectrum junkie.

All in all a amazing pack, but you said you did it all within a week? That doesn't make most of the presets any less, but some looked like they needed just a bit more work to really shine.

Well done.
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this pack reminded me a bit of tuggummi's style with all the simple,stylish,fast presets. not one bad or bland preset, all of them kick ass. headfuck is a headfuck. :+fav:
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overall i do like the pack, although some of the presets look like they can use a touch up. things such as "the room" which could have used some sort of shading. (maybe i shouldnt suggest this since im not capable of doing this myself but just for the sake of throwing it out there...) the one that really blew me away was 'the speaker' that gloss effect is amazing! 'headfuck' is pretty awesome especially since it's only a gradient for the color scheme. you know what? the second half of the pack is just dern amazing! thanks for sharing!
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zamuz| Digital Artist
amazing pack, again :) the headfuck is one of the coolest presets i've ever seen, i just love it. the panel is also very nice. red green blue is also one the coolest presets ever. congratulations, yet again, on creating an incredible pack.
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holy shit, me likes the pack. every single preset (if not totally flawless because the aspect ratio) is so damn nice, clean, and well thought out, that it is an obligation to give this a fav and to love it to death :D
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first off, the pods look awful if the window is not a square. then, i :heart: the preset.
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