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Uchiha Itachi - Peace

By Raz-Veinz
Someday, there will be no war and will have peace at the Konoha and all ninja village, I hope that so in our world....

WIP ---> [link]
Uchiha Itachi, Naruto Shippuden © Masashi Kishimoto
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© 2011 - 2021 Raz-Veinz
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Itachi is a amazing man and stil hot en cool.
yeah peace itachi.
DarylChin's avatar
Itachi tries to feed the pigeon!
The pigeon flies away!
Itachi: .... Amaterasu...
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kadoffelfini's avatar
Really awesome, I love the detail and the "Bokeh"! ;D
Raz-Veinz's avatar
Thankz, what the meaning of "Bokeh"?
kadoffelfini's avatar
It's usually used in photography. You could say it is the way of how the things that are out of focus are displayed.
Raz-Veinz's avatar
Ooh, thankz again, I've got new knowledge today :-)
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GNLAZARUS's avatar
Once again, you have outdone yourself!
Also, Itachi had a very sad life
Raz-Veinz's avatar
Thankz friend, yeah, sadly...
GNLAZARUS's avatar
yeah, too bad his little brother is a total dick who decided not to honor his brother's final wishes
Raz-Veinz's avatar
Haha, but that make the story more interesting.
GNLAZARUS's avatar
maybe, To be honest, I am just looking forward to the time when Naruto breaks that little Bastard in half
Raz-Veinz's avatar
Or maybe they will be friend again :D
GNLAZARUS's avatar
It's far too late for Sauske as far as I'm concerned
GuiltyGrace's avatar
Love the detail in this! :XD:
Shandrial's avatar
Lovely! And it matches Itachi's character so much.
kiba4802's avatar
:heart: love it, and i agree with you about peace
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