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My friend Jim Raynor

By Raz-Veinz
Did this roughly after playing Starcraft 2, Im a big fan of this two characters, Dark Templar Zeratul and Jim Raynor.

My imagination : This picture take after they meet in Jim ship :-)

James Raynor and Zeratul, Starcraft © Blizzard Entertainment
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© 2011 - 2021 Raz-Veinz
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Cute fanart ^_^
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I got so addicted to this game lately that I had imagination of me in the game.  especially with the Dominion lied of Rayonor's Death.  the thought of me on his ship angered of Raynor's fake assassination with Sarah watching at the same time.  I throw a liquor bottle at the screen in anger in the Hyperion bar.  with the fake loss of the founder of "Raynor's raiders" destroying the morale of a better future for the Terrans.

I just played through all of the stories.  and seeing how Mobius corp has unleashed hell on the innocents of the people of Korhal and the sector.  and then seeing the cutsceen for "Warriors" it just hits you hard.  I never thought that Blizzard would do something that would hit you in the feels even harder that Klonoa.
amazing and funny :D
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"Hanging out with BFF Raynor ;P"
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I think someone needs to restrict Zeratul's internet access...
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Geeze...Imagine Raynor seeing this in his room now that..,Stuuf happened XD
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.....Ya....That wouldn't be the greatest would it?
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Sure it is :) (Smile) 
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Best selfie ever XP
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Is there a chance that you could add keywords to the pic to make it search better?.. like "Raynor Zeratul Selfie Starcraft 2 SC2 LotV Legacy Of The Void" ?

Still, a great job x3c
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Thanks for your good suggestion, will try to improve, but, you know, sometimes the laziness is more complex to handle with =P (Razz) 
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Dem claws though..
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never knew protoss know about selfies
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Learn from human technology :D
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Let's save Sarah.
But first, let me take a selfie.
:D This is sooo funny. I love it. :D
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Glad u loved it :D
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