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Kerrigan's Birthday Prize

By Raz-Veinz
Another Starcraft 2 fan art.

My imagination : Kerrigan got birthday prize from James Raynor, Hydralisk toy :-)

Sarah Kerrigan, Starcraft © Blizzard Entertainment
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© 2011 - 2021 Raz-Veinz
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LMAO this is wonderful ! XD
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I love this. 

Kerrigan....thanks where to put it....
You got Kerrigan's expression exactly right.

However, now I want an alterate storyline where the war with Amon and everyone/thing else is flying around the galaxy fighting a series of skirmishes. Infested Kerrigan and Raynor simultaneously try to avoid and find each other during this period, and every time one almost catches the other they get left a little impromptu gift.
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Great storyline! :D (Big Grin) 
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thats adorable lol
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I need a hydralisk toy now. I require it.
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One of these days, Kerrigan figured that she'd come to understand Raynor's sense of 'humour'. It was not going to be this day.
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Best quote for this photo. It fits so perfectly!!
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That the point :D
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xD Great one ;)
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hahaha i love this drawing the kerrigan's face is so funny XD I want a hydralisk toy! :3
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XD <3
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...that is adorable.
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