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Rendering with Mandelbulb 3D

This tutorial is for big, hi-res renders with Mandelbulb 3D, how to deal with noise, artifacts, settings etc. Also it helps with professional lighting, big enhancement in PShop and more things. Even for those who only render in low res, this tutorial will teach how to get maximum impact for their images. You'll find also the rendering settings for my Second DD :heart: [link] , and how it is composed in PShop over background image.
Please download the ZIP file.
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Just started learning MB3D. Thanks for this tutorial!

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Wow - just what I need!
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I know you did this some time ago but wanted you to know how helpful it continues to be for newbies. Thanks for the clarity
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I didn't play with Mandelbulb 3D quite few years and it has some changes now, like more professional lighting tools. Lighting is very important! Well, the principles remain the same, however, until something drastically doesn't improve the noise dealing (I believe there is a math flaw in all this), one has to try to compensate it with some tricks. Glad to hear you find it useful.
Hello, Thanks for these so useful explanations on how to render big pictures and deal with lights.
I'm new to mandelbulb, and reading carefully the different tutorials. There's a thing i haven't found yet in the tutorials; i'm using mandelbulb on a MacBook Pro retina (thru wineskin to use it with the mac)
Can you give me the way to proceed, in order to convert the m3a files to a movie file, using a video editor (like Final Cut pro may be?)
Thanks a lot. Cheers. 
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Hi. I'm absolutely not interested in fractal animations. However you can check this tutorial:…
Thanks a lot for the link. It's kind of you. Cheers.
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:wave: You have Been Featured here Amazing Art Works Feature :dalove:
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Thanks I found this really useful information and invaluable as a newby to Mandelbulb 3D...great help and much appreciated :)
For some reason when i open the zip file, my windows media center window pops open. i haven't been able to access the tut. any ideas?
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Give it some right click and choose - Extract here, do not open it.
thank you. ( year later)lol.
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Thank you Ive always used your info to render stuff.
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it is like if the antialiasing option (if there is one) is not activated.
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Thank you very much for this tutorial,

i have a problem of noise though, ive been doing exactly what you said , but i still have obvious noise on my render, is it true that with mandelbulb you have to render your image at a huge resolution , and then resize it to your final ratio?

forgive my English, and sorry if i missed something obvious here.

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Hi, well didn't check the recent versions of the program, as I lost interest in it. No you don't need to render bigger and than downsize to your needed resolution, render it as it should be. This trick was sometimes advised for another program - Apophysis yet I never needed it there. Keep in mind that there will be some differences between your small size render at say 1024Xsomething and the big render, that's how the program works, but they can be compensated with future PShop editing. As for the noise, I don't know. Some formulas are just more noisy than others. This can be a real pain in the ass.
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Thanks a lot for this helpfully tutorial! Clear and precise! Nod Thumbs Up Hi!
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Thanks you for share it ;)
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