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Dungeons and Dragons

One fantasy fractal from me. Done in UltraFractal and PShop.
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This really is awesome...
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This is so amazing! I love this!
Keep it up!
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Thanks a lot, more to come soon :-)
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Thank you, more will come later today :-)
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mmm....can you help me about DeviantArt ?
im new here...
i dont know how to add friends or get friends
or to join a group...
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Well, the friends list is in fact your watchers list. You have to add art and then eventually you'll get some watchers. Every group has a "Join this group" button, it could be on a different panel, depends how the group designed the layout, but there are always such button.
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Wow, that's amazing! :wow:
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hmmm u got some talent =)
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J'aime l'aspect fantomatique et surréel.
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Merci, j'ai fait un nouveau mieux pour demain ;-)
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awesome what beauties can come from fractals. love the colours, like everything were on fire by the dragons. love it.
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Thanks! Just made another of the theme, will upload it in 2,3 days.
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