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Cave Painting

Altamira, 26 may (EFE)
Breaking news from Spain!
Group of archeologists found hidden chamber in the prehistoric cave of Altamira, Spain - World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Recently was discovered a partially blocked passage and after its further excavation, they were led to hidden chamber with cave paintings in perfect condition.
Most striking is a ceiling painting of a bird done with charcoal, ocre and haematite.
Famed archaeologist/adventurer Dr. Henry J. Ones immediately, even without glasses, was able to date the newly discovered painting as a Upper Paleolithic one i.e. about 12,500 years BCE. The bird was of unknown to the ornithologists kind and opened heating debates.
In his excitation Dr. Henry J. Ones began to remove layers of dust and for his great frustration found a signature of a contemporary artist – “Stefano ’2011”. Also a barely visible text was deciphered as “Entirely done in Ultrafractal 5.04”.
As all this was not enough, a quote from famous artist Picasso was found - "after Altamira, all is decadence".
Stay tuned for news updates.

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Fantastic concept and execution.
teddybearcholla's avatar
:laughing: Wonderful fractal and love the story!!! :hug:
raysheaf's avatar
Thanks, he, he. Read the sequel story of "The Fighting Temeraire" [link] There will be more stories soon:-)
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oh, wonderful!
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Whoa. Like a dove painted with blood. One of the best examples I've seen of toeing the line between realism and representation.
raysheaf's avatar
Thanks a lot dear!!! Your comment is much appreciated!
21citrouilles's avatar
Quelles belles textures et couleurs!
raysheaf's avatar
Merci Josette!
CiNiTriQs's avatar
Pleasing to the eye, moments before dystopia...
raysheaf's avatar
Whyy distopia? Didn't got that:groucho:
CiNiTriQs's avatar
Well, the colours, the feel, the bird that almost seems dying, well, dystopia is what it brought to my mind, apocalyptic future vision of man kind if we keep on going the way we are going. Of course, everything happens in cycles, the end will be yet another beginning as it always have been.
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Very beautiful and interesting fractal! :)
And funny story :lmao:
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:thanks:!!! For the story too, there were funny situations on other sites with people not finishing the story:-)
FractalEyes's avatar
:laughing: The story is great and the fractal is fantastic.
raysheaf's avatar
Thanks a lot for the nice words. Will try to make more stories from time to time. One can't make only dramas, we need fun sometimes.:-)
raysheaf's avatar
Btw, LOL this fractal was rejected by a group, where I usually have no problems. Could be they didn't read the story to the end
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Now arranged, lol!:-)
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Amazing story to accompany another amazing Fractal by you! :)
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One day it will be true I'm sure of it Stefano.
It's superb.!
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