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Little Saria

Saria (サリア;) is a Kokiri introduced in Ocarina of Time. She is Link's childhood friend from his years in the Kokiri Forest. She is well-liked amongst other Kokiri, in particular by their boss, Mido, whose dislike of Link might be partially explained by the latter's close friendship with Saria. She often goes to the Sacred Forest Meadow to be at peace for a while. She plays the ocarina, her most successful piece being Saria's Song. She becomes the new Sage of Forest later on in the story and helps Link to defeat Ganondorf.
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I like her new costume, and she's so darn cute!!! like...every time I look at it i think CUTE!!!!! the korok is adorable too, is that supposed to ber her as well?
AnnaRIART's avatar
love what you did to her costume.
UrbanBanshee's avatar
wow I love it!! She looks so cute and I love her outfit :heart:
paintitwithcoffee's avatar
OH. My. God! She's so pretty! The clothes, the colors the.. everything!! *swoons*
RaySama's avatar
thank you very much for your comment!... im very glad you like it :D
Luurei's avatar
she looks so pretty :D
Twinkie101's avatar
Fabulous rendition of Saria!
Ardhes's avatar
Whoa, I like her new ouftit ♥
Not bad at all, I like it. :)
rosa3's avatar
this really should have been the design in ocarina of time. it fits her better, and its adorable :)
LaughingElephants's avatar
Makar isn't fat... :( But... AMAZING! It's so cool.
bearsincapes's avatar
wow! this is so cute. i love her outfit.
MechArt-CharaChan's avatar
ChaoticFox's avatar
This is a great style and outfit for her. Very fitting.
EmbryH's avatar
LOVE the outfit :]
AkeruChan's avatar
aw Saria <3 se ve preciosa! Y estoy segura que te lo han mencionado antes, pero muy bien ése pudo haber sido su diseño en Twilight Princess, se ve de ése estilo... en serio muy hermoso.

De paso, buen detalle el del korok a su lado; es en el que se convertiría, supongo? D:
ottsel-pie's avatar
great work, i love the idea of taking ocarina of time characters into the style of twilight princess, and thats what this kind of seems like to me. you should definitely do more style-crossovers with zelda characters
alkola's avatar
The characters are bold and nice composition.
I like it.
LiKovacs's avatar
I really love the design! And this is just really well done all together :D
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