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Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
Üdvözlet, my fellow deviants. This profile is currently under construction, and as one of the changes I am taking inspiration from others and writing some information here of things I have been asked. Feel free to ask any questions that are not asked, or answered, here, and I will do my best to give a response.

Read at your own risk.
(*Note: Questions provided are not necessarily paraphrased as they are now stated here; I have edited many in an attempt to preserve some semblance of intelligence in my own words...)


- What is your name?
- This is the internet. One does not simply ask these things here.

- Date of birth?
- The day was September 15th, of the year 1992. 26 years ago a baby girl was born into the world... and lived on to drive everyone around her insane. :evillaugh: However in person I am almost always mistaken for being 16 or 17... It's in fact quite hilarious to watch how people react when they discover that I am much older.

- Male or female?
- On the internet I have been mistaken for male more often times than not... (probably because of that feminine username I got going on). However, quite contrary to popular belief, I am in fact female. I have the proper bits to prove it.

- Sexual orientation?
- Heterosexual. Not to be confused with homosexual (it happens). So... I like men. :dummy:

-Do you have any siblings?
- Currently, I have 1 brother (:iconbig-pokemon-fan:) who is a year younger than I, (although he's 6'3, so people have a hard time believing I'm the oldest sibling), 1 half brother, 1 half sister, and 1 step sister.

- Of which country do you reside?
- 'Murica. However, if I could've had my way of where I was born, I would've preferred to grow up in the UK. Sorry America, but you're too aggressive in my opinion... and you lack all the good accents.

- What race are you?
- Well, technically speaking I'm human... but the answer you're probably looking for is Caucasian, however that is also technically incorrect... (although most people don't know that...) I am in fact "white"... which is incredibly boring... Sorry other white people, but I feel like a blank slate...

- What ethnicity are you?
- As far as I know, I am a mixture (to varying degrees) of Hungarian, Bulgarian, Dutch, German, and Cherokee Indian (not entirely sure if that's considered an ethnic group...) If I learn more, I'll be sure to add them.

- What is your religion?
- I was born a Christian, I'll die a Christian. More specifically Pentecostal, however I am rather laid back in my faith, and would never go around trying to cram it down other people's throats. (F is for Friends who do stuff together...~)

- How tall are you?
- Depending whether you find it humorous or cute, I am a short 5'4. I am often referred to as "fun sized".

- How much do you weigh?
- While most women become offended, I could care less about being asked this question. I'm happy to announce that I am around the 130 lbs. mark.

- Do you wear glasses? What's your eye color?
- Unfortunately, my eyesight is pretty bad without the aid of corrective lenses, so yes... I wear glasses. Preferably black plastic frame.
- My eyes are in a way... slightly unique. While I may not have eyes with gold flecks or that change color, mine are a chocolatey sort of brown... with a random light blue speck in the left one. Whatever the cause, it does not hinder my already poor eyesight.

- Do you have any bodily modifications?
- Tattoos? I wish, but I have a pathological fear of needles... I would get a phoenix on my shoulder if I could... Piercings? Gosh no, I'd die...

- What hair color/style do you have?
- Naturally, my hair is a dark brown, which matches my eyes, however I tend to dye it black with dark red highlights. I always wear my hair down, never up, brushed to the left side, occasionally with my left eye partially covered. I am currently growing my hair down to breast level (never had my hair that long before, thought I'd try it.) I also have my layers emphasized to stand out. My hair is straight, but when wet tends to become more wavy... Also I am almost always either wearing a hat or my hood up, (I almost always wear a hoodie), so unfortunately you can't always see the work that goes into it... Apologies to my hair stylist! I send you hugs!

- Are you emo?
- No, I'm not...

- Are you goth?
- No...

- Then what are you?
- I'm me. Just because I usually wear black, doesn't mean I'm a dark person. I'm actually quite the opposite inside.

-Are you gay?
- ... Why?
- Because you wear guy clothes.
- ... I /sometimes/ wear guy clothes. I'm quite tomboyish, and yeah sometimes I wear guy clothes because they either look cool or they're comfortable. Have you seen how girls dress these days? They're quite revealing, and I'm a rather modest person, I don't like showing a whole lot of skin. I even like to wear ties, and I would prefer tuxedos over dresses any day, (if I had the choice...), but that does not make me gay. I may not even really act like a typical girl either, I'm not a very feminine person... but trust me, given the choice I would chase a man down in a heartbeat... if I wasn't too shy to do so.

- What is your favorite mythical/real animal?
- DRAGONS! Duh! Specifically Western styled dragons. So beautiful and majestic...
- In real, I'd have to say... Wolves. If I could be one I would.

- How would you describe your personality?
*One way to find out would be to read my journal entry "I Am INTP". Otherwise...*

- Are you single?
- ... Unfortunately....

- Do you drink/smoke/do drugs?
- No... I love my brain cells too much...

- Do you ever swear?
- No... I feel it makes people sound unsophisticated... and it's rather rude.

- What are your hobbies?
- Well, I like to make things from clay, obviously... I love to learn, I love to read, I love listening to music... I also love watching movies... and playing strategy games..... If I had a boyfriend, however, he'd be my favorite hobby. ;D

- What kind of job do you have?
- ... Does being a student who people won't hire because I have no prior working experience count? (So you're telling me I have to have experience before I get experience...?)

- What do you consider your goal in life?
- Not dying...? Going good so far.

- What kind of fears do you have?
- Oh gosh, where do I start...? Despite the fact that I am a rather logical person, my sense of fear begs to differ. I can know something won't hurt me... yet I can be completely terrified of it.
I am afraid of lightning, loud noises, (like thunder or sirens), airplanes, small spaces, big crowds, being lost or separated from someone I was with somewhere, needles, paranormal things, horror movies... germs, (just eating or drinking something someone else touched), clowns, the dark, insects, arachnids, being alone, sharp objects in general, strong winds, (if a strong gust of air blows in my face it makes it so I can't breathe), people being mad and/or yelling, nightmares where you think you finally woke up but you're actually still in it, and other things I currently can't think of.....

- What are your favorite colors?
- First and foremost black, then either red or metallic blue...

- Marvel or DC?

- Who is your favorite super hero/villain?
- Possibly Iron Man... because Tony Stark is hilarious. I would like Deadpool more if he weren't such a pervert...
- Loki is my favorite villain hands down, he has such a great sense of humor, especially when he briefly turns into Captain America... So funny... Also Tom Hiddleston is awesome.

-Who is your favorite actor?
- Tom Hiddleston. He's a great guy, especially in the prank interview with Smosh....
... I also like Nicholas Hoult when he plays as R in Warm Bodies....... so hot....
Got tagged by :iconbig-pokemon-fan:...
Whoo... SLade TT 33 s

1.) You must post these rules.
2.) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3.) Answer the ten questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for your ten tags.
4.) Choose ten people and put their icon in your journal.
5.) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you. (Nah. They'll get a Mention message maybe.)
6.) Don't do something like "you're tagged if you read that".
7.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8.) No tag backs.
9.) You can't say that you don't do tags.
10.) You MUST make a journal entry.

10 Glorious Facts About Moi:

1.) I have a sort of obsession with dragons. Not those silly Eastern dragons, with the fur and doggy snouts, I'm talking about those Western dragons that will claw your face off and burn your toast for breakfast... Y'know, typical dragon behavior. HTTYD2.21 

2.) I'm a rather small girl here in the physical realm, but in video game world I prefer to play as the big heavy hitters, like Bowser, or Ike. I can't stand light characters who get knocked around like a ragdoll, I need a monster who can throw his weight around and send those insignificant pipsqueaks flying. I swear I'm not compensating for anything... Bowser (Koopzilla) [Mad Roar V.1]

3.) I liked Beast before he turned back into a human prince. beast2

4.) BE WARNED! I am a bit of a geek... I will jump and squeak and giggle with joy over things like video games, or comic books, or the Renaissance Festival... The parody of Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off', "Nerdy Stuff", is kind of my jam... Go on Youtube, look it up. Supernatural - Paranoid Dean

5.) I am heavily influenced by accents. If I watch a movie that consists specifically of one accent or language, say... french, the next time I go to speak it's suddenly with that accent... So weird! It's not intentional, I swear, I have no idea how it happens! >.< don't mess with legasp D:

6.) I use to read the dictionary for fun as a kid, so I've become quite the grammar nazi... but put some math in front of me and watch me cringe with fear. English please :idontgetit:

7.) I love to read. I plan on making my own personal library some day... and keeping it all to myself. :meow: mmmm books... 

8.) I am highly anti-social, so I don't talk to people a lot... but if I get to know you, or you bring up something I'm interested in, brace yourself for the gushing waterfall of words that will proceed to pour forth from me. Just because I tend not to speak does not mean I lack the will to do so. Kido Tsubomi (Hide Emotion Blush and Shy) [V7]

9.) I have ADHD... Give me sugar and watch me go... Yes, I will literally become distracted by shiny things... I once almost drove off a road because I saw a sign that said "Free Kittens"... Kittens

10.) Have you ever had someone ask you to say something about yourself, and you stop and think, "uh... uh... UH... WHO AM I?!?", because all of a sudden you completely draw a blank and can't think of anything to say about yourself? Yeah, well, that's how this journal entry went. I sat here for hours trying to think of something, ANYTHING, interesting enough about myself that I could share here because it said I couldn't say no. CURSE YOU, BROTHER, FOR TAGGING ME!!! Chiyo Screaming Icon

10 Questions from Big-Pokemon-fan:

Q. 1.)  Do you watch the Game Grumps, and if so, what's your favorite quote/reference?
A.) I have watched them, thanks to you, however I do not necessarily have a favorite quote/reference... How about favorite video? In which case it would be all of the ones from Table Flip: Cards Against Humanity. :fliptable:

Q. 2.) 
What's your favorite Nintendo published game?
A.) Gah! I can't decide between Super Metroid or Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars! Atomic Cock

Q. 3.) 
Favorite Nintendo series?
A.) Probably Metroid... :bademoticon:

Q. 4.) 
Favorite Nintendo system?
A.) That good ol' Gamecube. :shakegamecubecontroller:

Q. 5.) 
Favorite Nintendo character?
A.) Medic's Rage Intensifies (Chat Icon) NOOOO, SO HARD TO DECIIIIIDE!!! Either Samus or Bowser... Maybe!?!

Q. 6.) 
 Cool cool. Do you have a Wii U and/or 3DS of some sort?
A.) Uh, well I've played on your Wii U... and you bought me my 3DS, so yeah... cool cool.

Q. 7.) 
Favorite pokémon?
A.) Well, since I love dragons, it use to be Rayquaza, Rayquaza la... but then Yveltal came out, and my favorite colors are black and red, so... Yveltal emote He gets all the chicks.

Q. 8.) 
Super Smash Bros. main?
A.) Pfft, Bowser, of course. His strength makes up for his lack of speed, if you know how to use him right. Request icon 14 - Bowser (2)

Q. 9.) 
Wish I drew more?
A.) Heck yeah! I miss your comics, although I wish they had more color... and weren't on lined paper...

Q. 10.) 
Too many video game questions?
A.) I wasn't going to say anything...

Now To Think Of Questions To Ask All of You...

1.) Um... do you like Xbox?
2.) What's YOUR favorite Nintendo game/character/series?
3.) ... Why IS a raven like a writing desk?
4.) Do you miss the original Teen Titans or do you like that piece of filth Teen Titans GO? (I might be a little biased...)
5.) Given the choice, would you rather: Shoot a gun, an arrow, or swing a sword at a wooden target?
6.) Have you ever wanted to dance in a Harlem Shake?
7.) If you could, would you attend a masquerade ball, and if so, what would your theme be? (Animalistic, demonic, angelic, etc.)
8.) What combination of food do you like together that other people might find disgusting or weird? If you don't have one, what would you do if reality suddenly broke?
9.) What would you do if life suddenly became like an anime?
10.) Finally... if dragons were suddenly real, would you ride that majestic beast into battle, or flee and live out the rest of your days as a cave hermit while dragons and your fellow humans rule the world?

Now for my victims- I mean...
(I don't have 10 people to tag... onion sad)

1.) :iconchrissy0720: You get a tag!
2.) :iconshelbyquinncanart: You get a tag!
3.) :icontheacerkiller: YOU ALL GET A TAG!
4.) :iconkirstenberrycrafts: I'm sorry...
5.) :iconcechapman95: Some of you hardly know me...
6.) :iconuzuoh: But you're going to suffer anyways...
7.) ... That's all the people who were either in my Watchlist or Friendlist who I might possibly make into victims... I mean, might not entirely hate me for dragging them into this...


....... I'm really sorry............Depressed 
  • Listening to: Nerdy Stuff
  • Reading: The Dresden Files
  • Watching: Big Bang Theory
  • Playing: Shattered Pixel Dungeon
  • Eating: Pepperoni Pizza Rolls
  • Drinking: Sprite


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