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Hey guys, it took me a while to get round to it but I've decided to set up a public discord. Feel free to drop by.

Hi guys, today at 16:00 BST (11:00 EST/08:00 PST) I'll be doing a dev stream on Twitch. Feel free to tune in if you want, as I'll be doing maps for Pokémon Order and Chaos.

Hi guys, it's been a while since my last "proper" update. I expect that a new demo for Pokémon Order and Chaos will be ready for release some time in late 2018. Here are the following things that you can expect to see in the next demo.
  - 5+ Gyms
  - A revisited and refined story
  - Numerous big fixes
  - An enormous graphical face-lift
  - A custom soundtrack

At this current point in time, there are not enough Fakémon to warrant implementing them for the next demo.

Again, if anyone is interested in joining the team, we currently have the positions of Concept Artist and Pixel Artist are currently available. If anyone is interested in applying for the available positions contact me by sending a note on DeviantArt or an email to

As development on the game picks up again, towards the summer, we would like to take on some additional members to the team. Refer to the update log at the bottom of this journal for the latest update details. Currently there are three positions open. They are as follows:

  Tile Artist
    - Someone with a talent for creating building tiles and interior tiles.
    - Someone with an adaptable style.

  Fakémon Spriter
    - Someone who can look at our fakémon concepts and draw up front and back sprites of a professional quality.
    - Someone who can create icons of the fakémon, for use in the PokéDex and party screens.

  Overworld and Trainer Spriter
    - Someone with a talent for creating unique looking overworld sprites using the style of D/P/Pt.
    - Someone who can create unique looking trainer sprites.

If anyone is interested in applying for the available positions contact me by sending a note on DeviantArt, a private message on Pokecommunity or an email to In your message I would appreciate it if you could include a link to a portfolio of past works, and title your message according to what you are applying for.

Update Log:
  - 22/05/2017:
   - Tile Artist and Fakémon Spriter roles are still open.
   - Added Overworld and Trainer Spriter positions.
So while I haven't been all that active, I am still working on O/C. I also plan on doing a livestream during the Easter Holidays, when I have enough time to do so. It will mainly consist of me making/improving some maps in RMXP and should be fairly relaxed. Of course I'll also be taking criticism as I go. If people are interested in catching this livestream I'll put up more details at a later date for you guys.

New Year, New Me?

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 4:43 AM
So we're now in 2017. Crazy, right? Feels like only yesterday when I set up my profile here, with the intention of posting everything about what is now known as Pokémon Order & Chaos.

Of course, I've posted other stuff as well. As a yugioh player I occasionally post stuff about it, but very rarely, and recently started up a more original indie game project, something I had wanted to do for a very long time.

So with the start of the new year comes the resolutions and so on... I'm not even sure I have any, but I know that I want to get more of Primal World out there. As a university student thinking about his future placement year, I feel it is far more crutial to get a portfolio up and running, with as much of my own original stuff as possible.

As for Pokémon Order & Chaos, it is still very much alive. However, its progress is very limited, I don't have as much time to work on it, nor do I feel it currently contributes anything towards my future - as much as it has played a very huge part in my growth as a game designer over the past 5 years, it doesn't play a part in my personal life.

And then there's YouTube. Holy hell, that felt like a bit of a blunder. I feel like I started up the channel at a really inconvenient time, thinking that I'd have at least a bit of spare time while I was at university, unfortunately my uni work cut that one short. Nevertheless, I do plan on reviving my Platinum Randomizer and, hopefully, doing some mapping livestreams for Pokémon Order & Chaos.

So as we sink into 2017, I don't particularly feel as though much can physically change around here, only time could possibly tell, but over the summer progress may start to pick up again, when I get more time off.

Lastly, as I wrap this up, are there any questions people would like to ask? If so, fire away.

September Updates

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 12, 2016, 3:06 AM
So I haven't been very active in the past few weeks, both here and on YouTube.

Basically, last week I moved out to go and start my second year of Uni. I've been pretty busy and not had any time to record more episodes of Platinum or work on Pokémon O/C. I should be able to free up some time this week as everything calms down and I settle in.

Once term starts there's no garuntee that I'll be regularly active on DeviantArt or YouTube or wherever, but know that I'm not giving up on anything.

So I'm at a bit of a dilemma around now. While having a Dual Screen is great and has a unique feel that other fangames out there don't have, it is very high maintenance and, as we've seen from the last demo, creates some real issues that stock essentials doesn't have.

So my question is simple, to everyone following the game and to everyone who has played through the demo: Do you honestly think the Dual Screen is worth keeping or should I, for the time being, revert to the stock version of essentials?

If I do go back to regualr essentials, it will create a ton of work to deal with any script errors that may arise, but it will also make it easier to create a fixed game demo for you all to enjoy while I work on the next, without worrying about having to fiddle with the scripts.
So now that I'm getting into PokeTubing I'd like to ask: Instead of just having a running comentary while recording, are there any topics people would like me to talk about, like things that I haven't before, games, anime, game dev, etc?
Pokemon Chaos: New Logo by Rayquaza-dot

Hello guys. So this will be a brief entry, the purpose is simple: There are currently things that I need help with for Pokemon Order & Chaos. They are Fakemon spriting and music composition, two important positions.
EDIT (18/07): No longer searching for a fakemon spriter, Music Composition is still open

If you would like to join the team simply follow these steps:

1. Send me a note, titled according to the position you're interested in.

2. In the note put evidence, or links to, previous works you have done. Additionally if you are a composer tell me what you're preferred music style is, according to Pokemon games (e.g. D/P/Pt, X/Y, etc).

That is all, if I am intrigued I'll reply back, probably with some follow-up questions.
Pokemon Chaos: New Logo by Rayquaza-dot

Ok, updates time.

First of all, thank you to all those who still support this game, if there are any at all...
Second of all, I have finally found the time to debug the game over several weeks. What does this mean? It means that in the next few days, optimistically, there should FINALLY be a demo release.
Now because I'm releasing this straight to the public, I hope that everyone can report any and all bugs they find. In doing so I should be able to fix them as quick as possible, hopefully within 24 hours of the bug being reported.

Any questions? Feel free to ask and I shall try to answer.
So today we got news from Nintendo direct of what everyone had been anticipating, as a result of leaks yesterday (yeah, thanks for ruining the surprise everyone), Pokemon Sun & Moon were confirmed for release in 'Holiday 2016' (presumably meaning summer). We weren't given much but there have been various images taken from the Nintendo direct stream, that were really difficult to get since they were quick. Should be fun...Pokemon Sun  Moon Confirmed by Rayquaza-dot
Hey guys I'm looking for a few people to beta test my demo of Pokémon Chaos. Send me a message if you're interested.
Ok, I don't have much to say other than how awesome this looks. Despite the fact that I know a fair amount about RGSS now but absolutely nothing about JavaScript.

This new version supports multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, etc), multiple battle systems and plugins also.

Bottom line, we need a Pokémon Essentials kit for this when it comes out. I personally think this version is too good to not have a starter kit for because the potential of this thing is pretty huge.

So this is 3DS related and is about Super Smash Bros for 3DS, When I got it I started and completed it on my 2DS but when I switched over to my 3DS none of the data was there.

Does anyone know why this is and how to fix it because it's really bugging me.
Nothing more irritating than finding someone has stolen your stuff. Although this time it applies to YouTube video thumbnails...
I know I haven't posted much real content in a while and that's because I have exams approaching so all graphics/game stuff has been halted but after I shall continue it.

Gen VI Style Vs. Sequence:

Recently I showcased a preview of a Gen 6 style Vs. Sequence:

This is still a work in progress and will be completed when I finish my exams and released to public for everyone to use.

Pokémon Chaos:

Before starting my revision I posted some content for Chaos and started moving over to Pokémon Essentials BW. Currently I have stopped in the middle of this process to revise so I shall resume moving everything after and then post some new content once that has been finished and some real work has been created.

Until then I apologize for my absence.
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So I've been searching for a shiny Phantump for the past 2 days and got up to a chain count of over 200. I didn't get a shiny in the end.

My question is how does chaining affect the chances of a shiny encounter and what could I have been doing wrong?

I did the following:
• Used the DexNav to search for a Phantump.
• Either defeated or captured it.
• Continued doing the previous 2 steps without power saving, leaving the route/forest, running from battle and scaring away the pokemon.
• When I stopped being able to find them I would walk around until another hidden pokemon appeared and I defeated it to continue the chain.
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While I wait for Amazon/Royal Mail to clear up their shit I've been continuing to work on Pokémon Chaos.

I don't know when it'll be ready for a new demo, whether I'll release it with the dual screen or whether I'll release one at all. But I'll keep you posted.