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Sota logistics calendar

This is commercial work, pixel illustration for calendar to Sota logistic company(Illustration: me, idea: ww
Thare are some NPA elements like transparency, water etc, so don't blame me much for that)
It took about a week before New Year to create this picture.
Photos of calendar:
Some steps of creation:
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Hi Mr Raynoa,

I would like to use this pixel art to my linkedin header for free :happybounce: , if its possible.

Please let me use it.
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Beautiful palette and adorable forms. Well done!
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Thanks Camila!
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That would have taken me a year..
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what the complex pixel........

you are master :D
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Damn you and your commercial work
raynoa's avatar
What's the problem?)
montgumry's avatar
nothing :P just being a jerk!
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Pss, where is R2D2? Bah

+Fav, :D
raynoa's avatar
Yep, same device here, some copypaste)
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WOOOOOOOW! Awesome work! ^^ Can't believe you got it done in that LITTLE time! :O
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It's commercial work, so I _had_ to do it for limited time. If it was art for fun, I guess I'll draw it for ages)
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How anyone can work on something at this scale for that long is beyond me. Regardless, this is BIG and AWESOME, not to mention very well made. Crackin' job there! :D
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Wow!! This looks as if it must've taken forever! (I'm really new to pixel art, so please excuse my astonishment.) I can't imagine having the patience to do all this. Well done!!
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It took about 2 weeks, from pencil sketch to final work.
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:clap: Impressive! This may sound like a silly question perhaps, but do you recall how many colors you used?
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If it isn't limited(like in gamedev graphics), then I don't count colors. Why limit creativity?)
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great isowork man.
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Its colourful and awesome!:D Keep up the excellent work.
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За неделю? уу.. демон! ))
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